Monday, April 26, 2010

Ailments and Antidote

Hi folks,
Very much often I receive such loving emails with pictures and nice quotes, but how many times I have promptly glance thru without noticing the simple yet strong antidote for our daily ailment which I often asked myself,"What's the cure/solution to solve it?"
So in these pictures, the following caught my attention:

Pain = Peace & Mercy

Self-Doubting = Renewed Confidence In Our Ability To Work Thru It

Tiredness = understanding, patience and renew strength

Fear = Love & Courage

Now, it looks like the right antidote…but where and how to get them? Hehe..another question…

For e.g, I am quite agreed with the antidotes of tiredness and fear as the ailment I experienced most often…and often asked when and how I can regain my "energy" or even "escape" from being so exhausted (mostly physically)?

And fear, have so much fear instilled since young by adults, don't go out, else the bad guys will catch you!

No, don't climb up high else you may fell and hurt yourself..

Don't trust strangers as they may trick you…

BUT why? Why hasn't anyone informed or guide us how to live a fearless yet rewarding life?

How to be safe and yet not fearful?

I am consciously reminding my kids thru the positive alert," Hold tightly when you climb so that you can do it safely!" Instead of "Stop, don't climb else you will fall!" 'cos it is often fallen to deaf ears and they will still be curious to climb or worse they may be scarred for life and being fearful at every other things which I am sure it's not good for their development!'s my thinking aloud day..what other messages have you gained throughout your parenting journey! Please do share your VOICEs aloud by leaving your comments to this post!

Your love in doing so is much appreciated!

Cheers and May your love be reciprocated and blessed!


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temp. housewife said...

It's not good to teach our children to be afraid of ghosts etc. We (my hubby and I) try to blend both western and eastern styles of parenting. We encourage our children to be brave and confident.