Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women-only coaches at KTM starts today

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Saw this article in TheStarOnline today..interesting...I heard about women coaches/train in India and now Malaysia is implementing it as well..
Here's the excerpts:

KTM to introduce women-only coaches from today

PETALING JAYA: KTM Bhd will introduce its first women-only coach for the commuter train service operating from Sentul to Port Klang today.

The railway said in a statement that the move would be implemented as statistics showed that 60% of KTM Komuter passengers were women.

It said the special coach would provide more comfort and security to women and protect them from "sexual harassment and jostling with male passengers."

KTM said boys under the age of 12 were permitted to ride in the "women-only" coach with their female companions or relatives.

The railway said it was not mandatory for women passengers to use the coach but they were encouraged to use it.

Named "Ladies Only At All Times", the coach is located in the middle among the three coaches of every commuter train. The coaches at the front and back are for all sexes.

(for full article, refer to TheStarOnline here)


Cheers to Women!

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I guess women get extra "benefits" :0