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Fast and Fuss-free Cooking Tips

Hi folks!


I believe no matter we have maids, or whether we are working full time outside or working from home, we do cook sometimes or most of the time.


I am always on hunt for fast cooking ingredients and recipes to assist me to cook more often for my family. When the ingredients are close at hand and not to mentioned the basic cooking utensils are ever-ready(cleaned and easily accessible, not stored at top or high cabinet), we are more encouraged to cook. Agree?


Now, I am often cooking and packing lunch from home for hubby and myself in the morning. Thus, things I cook need to be real fast and fuss-free (within 15 minutes). Now, how do I accomplished that?


Here are some tips and methods which I am sure many moms/dads/singles out there are already practising it. Let's share:

Basic Utensils:

1. Cooking pan

2. Cooking Pot

3. Ladle

4. Spatula

5. Chopping board

6. Knife

7. Serving bowl

8. Fork and Spoon


That's the very basic tools we should have even for singles who are staying outside and like to cook for themselves.


Next, we go to some useful ingredients we can get as standby so that anytime we are in mood for cooking, we can waive the magic "spatula" anytime.


Dry food:

1. Dried chinese mushroom

2. Canned tomatoes

3. Ramen/noodles

4. Spaghetti/Macaroni

5. Dried kelps

6. Seaweed

7. Italian herbs (rosemary, thyme, basils, parsley, etc)

8. Olive oil

9. Canned Olives



Store in Fridge/Freezer food:

1. Miso - fridge

2. Mixed vegetables (consist of green peas, corn and carrots)- freezer

3. Organic seasonings/mushroom/bean paste

4. Tofu in cube


Now, what kind fuss-free dishes can I come out with these ingredients?


1.      Stir-fry Macaroni


a.       Macaroni

b.      Mushroom

c.       Mixed vegetables (if you happened to have broccoli, bell peppers, it would be awesome!)

d.      Olives (minced)

e.       Olive oil


First, boil hot water. Once boiling put in the macaroni and add salt, it'll make the macaroni soften faster!

While waiting the macaroni to cook, cut b & d. Fry d,b,c (in that sequence), once macaroni is cooked, transfer it to a pot of icy cold water(if you like a crunchier texture).Scoop it up and sizzle drops of olive oil and lightly stir fry together with other ingredients.


Approximate cooking time: 15 minutes


This is one of my all-time favourite especially I find macaroni cooks faster than spaghetti and easier to feed the children too.


Now, the same goes for ramen, you only need 15 minutes cooking time to magically make a nice and warm miso ramen soup for you and family.


2.      Miso Ramen Soup


a.       Ramen

b.      Miso

c.       Mushroom

d.      Kelps

e.       Tofu (can buy those wrapped in cubes which can store in fridge for few weeks)

f.       Mixed vege (again if you happened to have other fresh leafy vege, use them!)


Cook c first, and then all the rest of the ingredients in. Miso, kelps and tofu should be added last. Simmer for 10 minutes and enjoy your yummy soup!


Approximate cooking time: 15 minutes


Easy right? If you get those shitake mushroom, you might just skipped the soaking and cutting required for the dry Chinese mushroom!


Hope more folks would start cooking for themselves and their families/friends! Not only does it healthier for our body, same goes for our wallet. Plus the bonding time cooking together with your family and friends is invaluable!


Let's stock up these fuss-free ingredients and welcome our cooking mood arrives anytime!



Note: Ingredients are mostly plant-based as the author is a vegetarian, plus, fuss-free cooking is anytime, for anyone and even for those without fridge can cook something simple at home!
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Ai-Ling said...

great tips! pastas have been the regulars in my home each time when i don't have much time to spend in my kitchen. they are easy and convenient, and when u toss in some protein n veggie, they make a wholesome meal ;)