Monday, July 26, 2010

1 day Belated Post- Happy BD dear KY

Hi folks,
Just like to mark down a special day yesterday for my dear dotter, KY.
Happy 4th Birthday my dear KY!
May you stay curious, cheerful and healthy like you always be!
From Daddy, Mommy & Didi(Shone)
Just a note:
Yesterday, when KY darling wanted to helped mommy to remove a white "thread" on my hair...I let her do it until I felt a pain...and gosh ..yeah KY that's not a thread but it's mommy's white hair. To your question why mommy hair is white...(y'day mommy said if you don't make mommy angry then mommy's hair won't turned white) actually to be correct, mommy's hair will be turning white as days goes by when mommy becomes older each day. It's perfectly normal and so cherish your glorious youth and bursting energy by doing good while you can!
CHeers and hugs from mommy.. :)