Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thinking and Praying for others

Hi folks!
Are you thinking and praying for others everyday?
I am often marvelled and believe the power of prayer.
More often than not, we are very blessed and many times we might not realised that we are in the prayers of someone daily.
For e.g., when I see my mil doing her daily morning and night prayer, I realised that what is she praying is ALWAYS for the safety and good health of her family members.
Same goes for my dad....recently my whole family was in rows of virus attacks...from flu, conjunctivitis and now stubborn coughing.....phew...and y'day my sis told me that my dad is going to a temple to pray for our good health.
How touched! It reminds me that we are indeed often in the thought and prayer of someone. Therefore the more we should be good and make the Best we can in life and of course pray for others too.....a heartwarming, good energy cycle :)
So..I like to pray for the peace and harmony of thoughts and action in our lives daily....
CHeers to a inspiring and fruitful day!

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