Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Hi folks!

Ever since DH got his iPhone 4 last few weeks from S'pore, he's been showing me(and many others :P so- call spreading the iPhone 4 virus, as my sister said!!) the great features of this new iPhone 4.

Now that the IPhone 4 has finally reach Malaysia shore, my brother got his iPhone 4 on the first day Digi launches it!!!

So on the night itself, 24 September, 2010, we had a FaceTime session with him together with my dad who came over to help me to take care of my two kids who are down with HFM. This kind of make up to him as we did not manage to bring my dad to visit my brother that weekend as promised because my kids are still under incubation period for Hand Foot Mouth.

Now, I really want an iPhone 4 from DiGi now because:

D- Digi’s telco plan and phone packages is the BEST!!

Well-known to be more affordable, cost-effective (the unlimited broadband access unlike the other competitor’s package) and fair.

I- It takes TWO (iPhone 4) to Tango!!!

Am largely-smitten by the FaceTime over wireless feature on IPhone 4!!! However, at this moment, it can only be done if I also own an iPhone 4!!!! :)

Now, if I win an iPhone 4 from Digi, my son can FaceTime with his dad every night. He would not need to hold his old iPhone and sleep on the sofa to wait for his dad to return from work daily.

G- Great HD video

iPhone 4 is able to record and play back 720p high-definition videos plus the iMovie application from Apple specifically for iPhone 4 makes it such a breeze to create a movie and pass it to my parents and in-laws.

This is one plus feature that makes my crave for iPhone 4. With it, I could capture the lovely moments with my kids anywhere, anywhere, anytime! Plus I can upload on my blog too :) to share the magic moments...

I - The IN thing to have

When mention about IN mobile to own, it has to be iPhone 4.

When mention about IN telco to sign with, it has to be DiGi!

Here I am dreaming to own an iPhone 4..will Digi grant my wish??? Please :D


So, pray that I will win an iPhone 4 from Digi. We'll be one Happy iPhone family.. :D

Cheers and May Lady Luck Smiles on us!!


Merryn said...

Gooooood luck to you :D if you got that iPhone 4, whatever fon u r currently using pass down to me ok? lol.. me fon koyak dy :D

prince n princess mum said...

Good luck!