Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Hi folks!

I like to share with you my family fascination with iPhone apps. And as what my hubby said to my brother few days ago, " Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user"; cos you won't fall in love in the other phones anymore :P.

Before I receive an iPhone 3G(the 1st generation, only 8GB) from hubby as birthday gift, I never thought of changing my 3 year-old phone. Not until the phone malfunction which gave me a reason to scout for a new workable phone. Of course, being in the hype of iPhone craze then and being such a great Apple fan my DH is.....he recommended iPhone and kept showing me those useful application(or apps) that I could use for my blogging, for my work and for my leisure.

Now, almost 2 years now, I can't live without my seems.. :P not even my kids. It's their daily night ritual to play the apps/games on the iPhone before they can fall to zzz--land.

If I were to name the app which I love most...there are not ONE but lotsss....long long list as there are new apps being developed every single day!!

But one particular one which my kids and I are crazy about...if you refer to "iPhone 4 Play", that is FRAME Wiz!

Check out some cute pictures created by KY, Shone and I ;)
This is created by me :)

This is created by my 4-year-old daughter, KY

                                               This is created by my 2-year-old son, Shone
We had so much fun playing with it!!

By the way for those who do not know, we can download the Apps from the Apple iTunes App Store; some are free and some are with minimal check it out yourself if you are interested to find out more!

Message from iPhone FAMILY :P specially for DiGi!

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