Saturday, October 2, 2010

How has AirAsia changed our life for the better?

Hi folks!

When I started working, I would save up money and annual leaves to travel to at least one country per year.

I love to stay at least 2 weeks at a foreign land to experience the local culture.
When AirAsia came into scene, the whole travel industry and travellers' perception about travelling changed overnight!

"Now Everyone can fly" as their philosophy calls for all travellers to make their travelling dream come true. 

People now can afford to take flights as much as they take an express coach.

(Taken at one of the many temples in Phuket durng the Ninth Emperor festival, Sep 2005)

My hubbby often felt that travelling cost a bomb!! But after AirAsia came into picture, he finally took his break and travel with me. We flew with AirAsia to Phuket for a short getaway. 
(Taken in 2005 in James Bond island)

He is impressed with AirAsia and even bought back a few souvenirs from AirAsia like the cap (refer picture below):
Now, with AirAsia spreading its wings to more and more countries, it's like a dream comes true!!
(Picture taken by DH in the AirAsia's plane. He chose to sit near the window!)

Now, moving forward; I have always wanted to visit Australia once more. I went there with another airline back in 2004. It cost me almost MYR3000 for the return tickets alone!!

And this time, I  like to visit Melbourne again; not alone but with my whole family. I wanted to bring my mom along to visit her sisters, my aunties who have migrated to Down Under. 

And how am I manage to do it without costing me an arm and leg?

Now, this dream is possible (without having to borrow loans from the bank) with AirAsia!!!
With AirAsia, flying is no longer a dream but an attainable trip and adventures!

With their amazing fare and ever-growing destination, they are very close to reaching  100 Millionth Guest (AA100M)!

What an amazing achievement!

Congratulations to AirAsia and may you scale a greater heights and soar like an eagle with far hindsights!


(This post is written to commemorate AirAsia reaching 100 Millionth Guest(AA100M). To find out more about this campaign/contest, go to this site here)

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Mummy to QiQi said...

not really for me. I gave birth to quickly but my pocket does not grow quick enough for us even though with air asia, LOL!!!