Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely bags at Gin&Jacqie

Hi folks!

Recently I have been shopping for handbag as the one and only one favourite handbag of mine(a gift from hubby) is spoilt. The handle was broken and not able to mend at all...a good time to get a new bag.

As I shop around..I bump into these lovely bags from Gin & Jacqie:
(Picture below taken from


I just love the way the bag is designed. Spacious, stylish, with zipper plus a compartment for water bottle! Perfectly match what I want in a bag. 

When I scout a bag, I want it with zips as I have witness myself how someone lost her hard-earned salary to a pick-pocket from her unzip handbag!!!

And whenever I go meetings, I will bring along my water bottle. So this bag really suits me!

Another Gin & Jacqie bag that I love and have been using is this:


I put this lovely organiser into my handbag. Now it is a breeze when i need to find my access cards, keys, travel size hand sanitiser, etc! This is the bag that I heart it so much and would recommend to all of you!

Now, seriously moms out there! You really should check out Gin&Jacqie and get their lovely and well-designed bag. Seems that it is designed with women and hot mama in mind! See all the compartments, striking colors and size..makes me drooling!

Another good news here!

Gin&Jacqie and MomsBloggerPlanet is organising a contest where you could win these lovely bags(see pictures blow)!

Drooling already??? To learn more about how to join this contest, hop over to MomsBloggerPlanet contest page here.

Simple steps like what I did:

Write a BLOG POST about:
  • TWO (2) Gin&Jacqie bags that you really love and why you want it so much
  • WHY moms should get a bag from Gin&Jacqie

Happy Contesting!


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