Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scouting Children Shoes

Hi folks!

I am not sure if you faced the same predicament as I did. For Chinese, we believe that we should only get a baby shoes for the baby when they reach one year old. But that also doesn’t guarantee that I would find perfect shoes that is gentle on their feet; provides sufficient protection on their toes and of course the varieties too.

When I first looking for shoes for Shone and KY when they reached one-year old, was indeed a very difficult task. It is not easy to find the perfect shoes that fit their feet comfortably. Hubby and I went scouting at many different places at the shopping malls ; looking for the perfect shoes. In fact, I actually bought one which I thought could fit yet had to returned as the sole was either too hard; or the size is wrong. As both my kids have rather “fleshy”; “baby-fat” feet, those tiny-weeny shoes simply won’t fit. Yet those bigger ones are too hard! Imagine my son, Shone, started with size “5” as his first walking shoes at one year old!!

Recently I come across a particular site that has Baby Shoes  that fits this criteria. It has such great varieties of design and some of them looks exactly like what I have worn when I was a kid.

I simply love such shoes because it is very durable and very practical to wear to many different functions. Actually, choosing the right shoes is very important not only to adults but to children too.

Below is a video that illustrate the measure a right fitting shoes.

Hope you learn a thing or two from this video :)

Happy Baby Shoes scouting!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but what is written is solely my own personal opinion.

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