Monday, October 11, 2010

Winter Country Fashion Fun

Hi folks!

One of the fun thing staying in winter country is we get to experience changing scenery, weather and of course; get to wear different types of attires according to each season. It is fun observing the different fashion, design and technology applied in making such clothing that fits different seasons of the year.

When I first went to Taiwan during their winter season (well, no snow there but it was around 9 degree Celsius when I went there in year 1997; their coldest winter ever then), I learned about such fashion item call thermal clothing. When you wear such clothing as innerwear, you are able to withstand the cold weather without covering in thick and many layers of clothing. So you avoid turning out to look like a huge balloon. In fact, after wearing the thermal clothing, I managed to just put on a layer of jeans plus a T-shirt and jacket. It makes me feels comfy and not bulky which enable me to travel and conduct my sight-seeing with less “disturbance” or uneasiness.

Now, coming to my dream to travel to another country with season with my family (including my kids), I began to look around for thermal clothing for my whole family (as the one I got was a borrowed one last round).

Now, folks, where are those nice places which you normally get your thermal clothing? Any sizes meant for children?

I hope I get a chance to get some for my kids and hubby for our next winter country trip ...soon..I hope...

For those of you who are curious how a thermal clothing looks like, actually it looks very much like our stretchy “pyjamas” or sporting clothes (see picture below) but the quality of the cloth they used to make such thermal clothing is different.



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