Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I did on 10.10.10?

Hi folks!
Yesterday was 10.10.10, a special date that many couples chose to register their marriage. Are you one of them?
And, some choose to deliver their babies via c-section on 10.10.10 too!
Now, I did not do any of both..of course..not eligible to do the first; neither have the intention to do the second one..haha...
But, I did have a group of teenagers came to my place for swimming and small gathering....their youth, cheerfulness and of course perspective on life reminded me when I was their age...full of zest and enthusiasm...carefree age...
I prepared some simple dishes which consist of fried bee hoon, homemade-sushi, red bean soup, fried seaweed tofu, tempe, mango juice and DH bought a nice pot of curry(yep...confession here...I can't cook nice curry .. :P mine taste like those instant noodle curry haha....so to save the hassle and failed prototype...DH decided to buy it at nearby vegetarian restaurant...hehe..).
When one of the teenager called me "Auntie", I was like "Hey, don't call me Auntie lar..."...still not used to it..haha..have to admit I am really getting older.....but I don't feel old just yet...
It is a nice day allright! Will try some other dishes when the next gathering opportunity arises to wake that Cooking Giant within me..haha..
(Sorry, was busy cooking, chatting and eating..no pictures taken... :P )