Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lesson 3 from Parenthood- Respect

Hi folks!
Have you all faced difficulties in disciplining your children? I am sure most of us do, well unless you are blessed with angel-like kids!
One of the thing I try to practice is to explain with my kids. First, explain, next explain again, third time, issue warning. I dislike the idea of using physical punishment such as cane or commonly known as "rotan" in Malay. Even though there is saying " Spare the rod, spoil the kids." Nevertheless, I find that such practice might not work in this era or on all kids nowadays. Kids these days are smart to learn and pick up or even point out what you did with what you preach.
Are we, as an adult, able to practice what we preach? If we don't, do not be so fast to reprimand our kids. They are bright enough to point out our mistakes too. And if they do, " Are we humble enough to accept our mistakes and apologise as what we expect our kids to do when they committed the offence?"
I felt as parents, we ought to practice RESPECT for our children too. Then, we will find it easier to discipline them. By respecting our children, we are showing that we value their input and comments. Thus, they will also listen to our preaching.

There is not one but many occasions that my children taught and reminded me again and again things I have taught them, yet something which I have forgotten to practice them.
Let me illustrate some of the scenarios I experienced with my children which many of you might have witness in your kids too.
Scenario 1:
Mom: KY, please keep your books if you finish reading them.
KY: Silent, continue doing other stuff...
Mom: KY, will you playing with your toys and keep your books first?
KY: Silent, continue playing.
KY: Mommy, why are you SHOUTING at me. It is rude.
Mom: [shy]....
Scenario 2:
Mom: Shone, how many ounces of milk you like to have tonight?
Shone: 7oz mom. If too much, I cannot finish. Cannot waste right, mom?
Mom: Yes, Shone. Good boy. [feeling proud and happy he remembered my preaching]
(Note: I normally asked them as sometimes they might have taken some snacks at night which make them rather full to consume their normal milk intake at night. This makes them feel respected and avoid mommy getting upset when they cannot finish their milk)
How about you? Any success stories or precaution to share with us on RESPECT?
Love to hear from you!

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