Monday, November 8, 2010

Women loves all things beautiful, agree?

Hi folks!

Now, most women loves things beautiful, don't we?

Examples of beautiful that most women loves:

Flawless, baby-like skin

Princess-like Shoes


How about pad with designs/prints:

Now, will you feel better during your monthly menses using such products?

Does it increases your self-confidence?

Does it add up to your fashion sense?

Wow, you think pad is no longer boring?

If you do, you may check out the Kotex LUXE Ultrathin DesignPads which is out now in the market from 1 Nov 2010 onwards at all Guardian, Giant, Jusco, Tesco and Watson outlets at MYR15.90 for packs of 20(23cm) and 14(32cm).

If you buy it before December 31st 2010, you may able to get the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads Promotional Tin as the picture below:

May this colourful prints cheer up your life!

So judge by yourself if this makes your life brighter and more colourful :)

I tried it on my last day of my menstrual cycle so not able to give much view on the absorption part, but the phycological feeling of "fashion-ness" does linger for a moment while wearing it..guess most women loves beautiful stuff, aren't we? But whether that will make us stay loyal to a particular fashionable products is rather subjective to each individual taste and preference. Try it yourself if you are curious how much you love beautiful stuff ';)

Disclaimer: I received some Kotex LUXE samples products to try out. All opinion is solely mine.