Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Hello to All my Blog Readers and Friends!

Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone!

May this year of TIGER brings lotsa courage and bravery to everyone to face on the challenge and bring out the BEST in us!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Prosperity Golden Rock Melon

Hi folks!

Me can't stop admiring this lovely n cute square-shaped golden rock
melon....imprinted with the word "Fu" which means prosperity!

May this bring more "Ong" to my family & I ..hehe..

And to all the people around me!

Have a Great Tiger Year ahead!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Countdown to CNY..yippee!!

Hi folks,
Are you busy packing for "Balik Kampung" (this is a common Malay term which means going back to hometown) this CNY holiday?
I won't be back to hometown this year as my parents are here and I'll be going back this coming March to attend an important event in my family.
I wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!
Drive safely and have a heartwarming moments with your loved ones!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Goal 1- Independence

Dear folks,
All these years, I have been listing out FAR TOO MANY goals that I can ever chase after :P or uphold!
From now on, I like to keep my list to bare minimum and will only move on to another one once something is accomplish on the earlier ;)
My first item on my goal list for year 2010 is INDEPENDENCE.
Yup, you heard me right! Independence for me as a mom and a thirty-year old lady :P
As a mom of two young children (age 20 months and 3 years 6mths), honestly, I have not been really going out with my kids ALONE!
I am always with someone whether with my husband, my parents, my siblings, etc. As I am not confident enough to bring them out on my own. One active toddler and another soon-upcoming active young lad!
Now, as they grow older, I think I can and should start taking them out on my own, starting from the nearer places like nearby playground/park.
I felt that I should take the time and courage to bring them around exploring nature. Should not wait for DH to have such common interest as I do.(Due to his working schedule, he mostly sleep in late during our off well...can't bear to disturb his zzz time...)
And, I also should go out more on my own to explore other stuff in life...yep..on my own. I used to be such "individual" or you might say "lone-ranger" I love going out exploring on my own. Love going jogging on my own when no one keen on such fact I felt jogging is one of those sports which you can do right now, right away without waiting for partners.
You just need your legs and your shoes..
So two activities marked under this goal...
1. To bring kids out on my own (bookstores, playground, friends/neighbours' places, just to name a few)
2. Continue jogging and perhaps travelling on my own(or if DH are gamed for it...couple-hood time for this :)
How about you folks?
What are your goals for this year?
Let us share and that higher chances we don't forget and thus keep to it and check them off from our list!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Passion vs. Practicality

Hi folks,
Have you ever face a dilemma whereby you need to choose between your Passion vs. Practicality of life?
Which would you choose?
Passion or Practicality?
If it is Passion, why?
If it is Practicality, why?
Or perhaps you have chosen, and what have you experienced thus far?
Do you still think what you have chosen is a good choice?
Two and a half year ago, I chose practicality over passion and even money.
I must say, it may not be the BEST decision I have made 'cos I suffered a bit due to lack of $ and of course having to start all over again learning something new instead of pursuing and continuing my passion.[I am talking about my career changes and how it has impacted my life thus far].
However, I don't regret over it as I picked up something new and the fact that this job provides me the much needed Work from Home flexibility which helped me to continue working(and of course providing source of income) during my VERY BAD morning sickness during my second pregnancy(this symptom is called "hyperemesis graviduram", nope the usual morning sickness spell that hits most pregnant women, but a minority women who had it and some even needed to do abortion when they simply cannot manage this "sick" spell).
Therefore, I feel that even though I lose out in terms of career progression and financial gain, I gained something else-> Time with my family as well as time to explore other things in life and work.
Now, if you are given another chance to choose, would you still choose practicality over passion?
What if the passion gives you nothing(not totally financially-rewarding) but allowing you a chance to work on your passion. Yet you need to put in more time and money for the job. Would you still choose Passion, in this case?
I hope to hear from all of you who have faced such dilemma or have some wise words/experiences to share on this topic!
Thank you very much in advance!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Updates and Gratitude

Hi folks!

Lately, I have not been replying comments as fast as I used to reason being I am undergoing some changes in life( shall reveal soon :P)

What I wanna say here to all my visitors n blogger frens who dropped by and generous in spending ur precious time giving ur tots in comment box- Thanks so much!

U keep my sharing n blogging endeavour so much more interesting and enriching!
Thanks for all the ideas, sharing and uplifting wishes!

Love u folks!

Cheers and may u receive in abundance for the love and care you showered upon others!

-smile n bow-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fabulousmom CNY Sale (now until 15 Feb, 2010)

Hi folks!

Fabulousmom is having their CNY sale now until 15 Feb 2010!
Check out items on sale below:

Nursing Bras - 10%
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Children Wear - 20%


Maclaren, Halford, Combi strollers and carseats - up to 20%

Breastpump Packages will be up soon - for now they have Spectra 3 double pumping set at RM398 only or RM418 with free gift worth RM39.90 or RM49.90.  Check it out here:

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