Saturday, April 3, 2010

What I learnt from Children's Nutrition Talk

 Hi folks,

One Sunday, I attended a talk on Kids' Nutrition by a Nutritionist who is also studying the art of Chinese medicine.

Here are my brief notes for some of the points I managed to grabbed (with the limited Mandarin vocab I have):
  1. Each human born with Original/Base Source of Qi which 98% comes from mom (when they were born) and 2% comes from daily nutrition.
  2. Basic function like for e.g. Heart pumping blood to liver, waking us up uses very little basic qi(in chinese they call it "yuan qi")
  3. Daily lifestyle and proper & adequate nutrition contributes back Yuan Qi back to our body. This includes exercise, emotional management, food we consumed.
  4. Yuan Qi is very important to replenish/repair organ & for our body emergency reaction & healing purpose ( immunity)
  5. Chinese medicine acts to activate inner qi to rebuild our body
What depletes our "Yuan Qi" ?
  1. Meat diet
  2. Radiation
What increases Our "Yuan Qi" ?
  1. Daily Cultivation
  2. Nutrition
四白(Four Whites which are not "useful" for us)
-white flour
- white rice
- white sugar
- white polished salt
Should be replaced by:
- wholemeal/Whole or multigrain bread
- brown rice
- brown sugar
- sea salt
All these contributes a better diet to replenish sufficient Yuan Qi to be utilized by our body.
Without proper diet, what goes into our body will turned into fats and "rubbish" accumulated in our body
From electrical appliances makes our body frequency irregular & unable to connect to the common signals from the universe.
Human freq- 8-10hz
Outside freq-10*6 hz
Thus human cells are killed easily plus makes us unable to connect with the common signals from the universe like our ancestors did.
(My thought: That probably explains why during the tsunami happened to Malaysia, esp. at Penang, the animal sense it earlier than human as they still preserve the healthy frequency unlike human nowadays!)
What to do?
-Reduce exposures to radiation especially for kids(including mobile phone)
Best nutrition- 3 yrs & below
- Breastmilk
- If not breastfed, need to replenish "Yin Er Jun"
(a kind of healthy bacteria/culture for baby)
(Note: Sorry I am sure the English term, perhaps someone who knew can enlighten me 'cos the talk is in Mandarin)
- ABC soup, banana/ apple/vege paste
(In paste form to reduce energy used to digest and concentrate on absorbing the nutrients)
- broccoli paste
-almond+black sesame  paste(thin)
- cashew nuts- dry-fried, blendered
3-4 yrs
- millet, quinoa( very easy to digest) save inner qi to digest
- can add red dates (pitted)+ carrot in porridge
- Encourage and nurture the kids to chew their food slowly, 20 bites each spoonful
(Note: This one I heard before, our former PM, Dr. M seems to be practicing wonder he is still alert and in good health at 80, worth trying, starts from us!!)
6 yrs above
- Brown rice + millets
- 5 colors vegetables (mix different types of vegetables for absorption of different nutrients
- Use grape seed oil for cooking
- Steam vege instead of frying or blanching(unless water would be used for soup base)
- Eat more fruits instead of chocolates and sweets
- Steam sweet potatoes
(Note: The gas that comes out indicates the sweet potatoes in action to dispel the toxic in our body)
- Bubur chaca thrice a week- replaced coconut milk with soymilk, very good nutrients especially for children (take it thrice a week for best results)
- 5 grains oatmilk, goat's milk for boys
- Almond powder & soymilk for girls
Now, folks, these are just my sharing of what I learnt and heard at the nutrition talk. By all means, adopt what you think is suitable for you. Consult your doctor/pediatrician/profesional advice if you have any special medical condition. 
For me, I will also try and apply what makes sense and workable for me. Since it is all natural food, so I am open to try them out. 
By the way, I managed to get the slides(in Chinese) for the talk from the organiser. So if you like to learn in more detail, please leave your comment & email or e-mail ok!
Before I end, my sincere apologies if there are any incorrect or inaccurate details shared here...mainly is for my own record and info retrieval while sharing it with my other parent frens out there!
Cheers and have a happy and healthy children!

Friday, April 2, 2010 Sales till 12 Apr 2010

Hi folks!
Just tot of sharing with oyu one online store which I frequented 'cos of the great bargain and variety of items I can find there!
For those of you who are looking to buy some big items like strollers etc, they have great sales now..if you spent more than MYR200, they have FREE DELIVERY too!
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P.s: I am so tempted to get the Thermo Combo Set...50% off!! WOW!!
(Note to Unlisted_one, you might just find the potty on sales too! Check them out!)

Second Time Parenthood special post to reply comments on Self-started Toilet Training

Hi folks,
I know it's weird looking at my replies of comments in blog post format :P
But as I am writing my reply to the comments, I find it so lengthy and perhaps informational(ahem) to share with the others, so here I am..dedicating a special blog post to reply comments made on my previous post: Self-started Toilet Training
So here's a special post to answer to the lovely parents who drop by and commented!
Unlisted one asked: Molly, where can we find a good potty for kids ya?
Hi Unlisted one,
I bought mine(Sweet Cherry brand) from Tesco at around MYR15.90. I did not actually look for any particular brand, but wanted to make sure this time I bought a bigger one with wider base 'cos the one I bought for my elder child was too mini size and too low to be used for my kids whom I think have long legs like their dad :P And those traditionally used by Chinese(the red type where most Chinese would include in their wedding set so-to-speak) is high enough but not stable enough on the base which is a no-no for young kids who need proper balancing when they do their biz :D That's what I felt!
The one I bought at Tesco actually has music on it when the pee is filling on it..but it did not last long..after a while the music don work anymore but I don see my kids actually mind that...they still use it like before. Perhaps spend less time on it..cos not curious about the music that comes out of it :P
There are some which cost over MYR60 for one potty which comes with music or "mobile" function which makes it easy to carry around for travelling too. But I feel it depends on your needs and requirement plus of course budget. U can find those special potty from Babyland and even those online stores(which you can find the link on the right of my blog here! :)
One thing I noticed...the kids don't really like to use potty for very long. My daughter for one, would not sit on potty at age 3. Prefer to use toilet bowl like adult. But of course I bought a child-size placeholder to place on top of our normal size toilet bowl for her at MYR9.90 from Jusco. So it's whether it worth the amount of money to spend on a potty :)
Hope this answers your question.
Mama-Miya commented:
bravo little man!!
ur so lucky to have such a mature boy. i going bonkers over this potty training process.
Hi Mama-Miya,
I think being the second child, my boy has someone who demo it in front of him daily. So he seems to took it to his stride easily. I am sure when you have your second one, it'll be easier! All the BEST in our potty training phase! It'll soon passed..pray hard :D
Sasha said:
good job shone!
Hi Sasha,
Thanks! I think as what my blogger buddy, Hanz, a CD guru often shared...cloth-diapered kids really took toilet training a whole lot earlier and better. My gal only started at age 2 yrs 6 mths. So my boy(who is not 2 yet) is an early potty training participant here...hehe...maybe 'cos he has been wearing cloth diaper too..even though is a mix between cloth and disposable compared to his sister who is fully on disposable!
MieVee shared:
Wow, that is a great step forward! :)
unlisted_one: My boy loves his BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair, we have reviewed it at
Hi MieVee,
Thanks for sharing your review with us! And yup, unlisted_one, that's one of those potty you can find on those online stores and special shop like Babyland too ;)
So, yes to all my other mommies friends, now you know why I have been giving cloth diaper as "full moon" pressies instead of the usual disposable. Cos I want the mommies to have a chance to experienced the "benefits" and "cost-saving" of cloth diapering themselves and then only judge whether it worth the dollars and sense!
Note: As I wrote this, I just ordered another local-made Cloth Diaper for my primary school buddy for her son's full moon. ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

iPhone available at DiGi from April 3 onwards

Hi folks,
I am sure for iPhone fans, they would have "smell" the news that better deal on iPhone would be coming soon from Digi.
And today, TheStar Online announces that:
The iPhone will be available at 28 DiGi centres and DiGi specialised stores nationwide from April 3 onwards.
For more info on the rates and plans, check out:

Tips for the pregnant woman's partner- (Note: 13th Week/ 3rd mth Onwards)

Hi folks,
Not sure which source I got this and emailed to my hubby 4 years sharing it with my friends (soon-to-be dad) and all singles out there and married guys!
Enjoy..and try it out!

13th Week of Pregnancy

Fill-up mom's car with gas. This may sound quite simple and easy, but many women can be bothered by gas fumes. Even if your partner is not one of these, you most likely will earn a few bonus points.

14th Week of Pregnancy

During this early time in pregnancy, many women struggle with being tired all the time. Your partner may need to take a nap when she gets home from work or running errands. If you have other children in the house, play with them so that she can have some quiet time to nap.
She will greatly appreciate this thoughtful gesture, and if you really wanted to make her happy you could surprise her by having dinner taken care of when she wakes up!

15th Week of Pregnancy

Does your partner need help getting to sleep at night and staying that way? Help her adjust her pillows so that she can get comfortable. Offer to give her a foot rub or back massage right before bed so that she is very relaxed and can fall asleep more easily. If you get up in the night or before her in the morning, be sensitive to her sleeping, and remember that it can take her a long time to fall back asleep if she is awoken.

16th Week of Pregnancy

Mom will begin feeling the baby's first movement sometime during the next several weeks. This can increase the bonding experience between mother and child, but sometimes the partner can feel left out. Eventually you will also be able to feel the baby move, but until then you can bond with the baby by talking with him/her on a daily basis. If you are not sure what to say, you can read or sing to the baby.

17th Week of Pregnancy

Many times couples wonder how they are ever going to afford a baby. However, a little planning can make certain parts of parenting a little easier. You might want to begin looking into beginning a college fund for your son or daughter. This might not completely pay for college, but 18 or so years down the road you will be glad that you started planning early.

18th Week of Pregnancy

The pregnant woman in your life is really feeling the strain of nourishing and growing another human life inside her. If she is working or caring for other children, remember that she may need a 30 minute break just for herself each day. Offer to watch the other children or to fend for yourself for dinner so that she feels she can take some "obligation free" time alone each day. She may use this time to meditate, sleep, bathe, or exercise, but just knowing that she has it coming can make the day seem a little easier to handle.

19th Week of Pregnancy

Do something with your partner that she knows that you dislike doing. Try to do this willingly, and without complaining. A little bit of effort can go a long way. For e.g, doing the dishes, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilet, doing the laundry, throwing out rubbish, etc.

20th Week of Pregnancy

You and your partner may or may not have already decided on a theme for decorating the baby's room. Whether you know the gender of your baby or not, now is a great time to begin these preparations. How can you help your partner?
  • Paint the nursery
  • Put the crib/bassinet together
  • Shop for some special items for the baby
  • Clean out closets or storage space so that mom does not feel like things are "cluttered"
The important thing is to help her in any way that you can.

21th Week of Pregnancy

Did you know you could increase the chances of your partner getting a UTI? Urinary tract infections develop because bacteria gets inside the urinary tract, which is right above the vaginal area. This often can happen during sexual intercourse or different types of sexual contact.
You can help avoid bacteria getting into the urinary tract by showering before any sexual contact occurs and encouraging your partner to urinate before and after intercourse. These small acts can help her avoid the pain and discomfort that is associated with a UTI.

22nd Week of Pregnancy

Suggest that the two of you do something now that might be harder to do once the baby has arrived. Maybe it is going to the movies, or maybe the two of you enjoy hiking or a day at the beach. Just make sure that it is an activity that you both enjoy and have fun!

23rd Week of Pregnancy

Paternity leave is when the father takes off time from work after the birth or adoption of a child. You will need to see what your employer offers in terms of paternity leave. Currently most of this is un-paid time off, but several states are working on laws that will change this to paid time off. Begin discussing with your partner your options regarding paternity leave, and begin creating a game plan for the first several weeks of your new baby's life.

24th Week of Pregnancy

Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. It could be to a spot that has a significant meaning to the two of you or somewhere that you have always wanted to go.

25th Week of Pregnancy

How long has it been since your partner had a manicure or pedicure? These are just a few of life's luxuries that may be put aside while a woman goes through her pregnancy, but having one could greatly lift her spirits. Get her a gift certificate or schedule an appointment for a manicure or pedicure. If money is tight, give her a pedicure or manicure yourself. All you need is a few supplies to give her "salon quality" treatment.
  • Bowl or pan with warm water
  • Mix some lotion or bath oil with sugar to use as an exfoliant
  • Soft towel to dry her hands and feet
  • Lotion or cream to apply afterwards
  • A color of nail polish she likes or clear if nothing else is available
  • Nail clippers and file
  • Flip flops that allow her to walk around without ruining her freshly painted toes

26th Week of Pregnancy

As your partner reaches the end of the second trimester, she may begin to feel less attractive. It is important for you to communicate how beautiful she truly is. Make a special attempt this week to make her feel special by taking her on a date or planning a special outing. In Week 25 instructions for pedicures/manicures were given, but you could also schedule an appointment for a day at a spa or a mini-makeover. It could even be as simple as buying her a new outfit. Just make sure it will fit her!

27th Week of Pregnancy

As your partner progresses through these last several weeks of pregnancy, there may be certain household chores that become difficult and even dangerous for her to do. Offer to help her out with things like placing items on high shelves and cleaning the bathtub or toilet. These small gestures can make a huge difference.

28th Week of Pregnancy

Many couples decide to invest in pagers and cell phones as the delivery of their child approaches. Talk with your partner about the different options that are available. Be involved in making these decisions and plans. Discuss your fears of her not being able to reach you and ways that this can be avoided. Maybe there needs to be a specific text message or page that signals that she is going into labor. Talk with other parents who have dealt with these issues so that you can see what worked for them.

29th Week of Pregnancy

As your partner is making plans on how to handle her labor and who to have present during the delivery, now would be the time for you two to discuss what type of role you want to have during the birth. As the partner, you can be the sole support person, or you may be interested in hiring a doula to help both of you during the laboring process.Some things to think about are:
  • Are you squeamish?
  • Do you want to be the mom's main support person?
  • Are you committed to going to childbirth class and learning all you need to know to provide good support?
A laboring mom needs to know in advance what the plan is for labor and what she can expect of you. Discussing this now gives you time to work it out, make arrangements if needed, and ensure that you and mom feel prepared for the birth.

30th Week of Pregnancy

Your partner has been able to feel the baby move for quite some time. By 30 weeks you should also be able to feel the baby move. Make some time for you and your partner to be together so that you can rest your hand on her stomach in order to feel the baby move. Sharing these moments together will not only help you with the bonding process between you and your baby, but it will also allow you to spend some special time with your partner.

31th Week of Pregnancy

Having a new baby in the house can be an event that can cause some anxiety. However, this can be decreased by ensuring that you and your partner can handle emergency situations. Look into taking a class on infant CPR and first aid. Check with local community centers or your partner's healthcare provider to see where these classes are offered.

32th Week of Pregnancy

The fact that your baby's arrival is around the corner may begin to cause you to question your priorities. Begin to think about what you want your life to look like around the time the baby is born and afterwards. If you plan to be present for the birth of your baby, it may take a little planning, especially if you travel with work.
Once the baby is born, are there some things that you could do to ensure that you have time for both your baby and your partner? Is working from home to some degree a possibility? These are just some things that both you and your partner need to begin to think about.

33rd Week of Pregnancy

Even though the birth of your baby is still several weeks away, you and your partner need to begin to discuss birth control options for after the baby's birth. Your partner is going through so many different things currently she may not even have begun to think this through. Bring up this subject and have a discussion. Most likely you will want to research this to some degree so that you and your partner can choose a method that will be effective for you as a couple. Remember, there are some methods of birth control that cannot be used if a woman is breastfeeding, and breastfeeding is not a reliable form of birth control.

34th Week of Pregnancy

One helpful thing you can provide to your partner is to offer to help her do a perineal massage. This type of massage can help stretch out the muscles of the perineum which can help her avoid an episiotomy. Remember this is not a sexual thing, but an exercise that can help make her labor easier.
Ask your health care provider on the specific instructions for providing a safe and helpful perineal massage. You and your partner can set up a time to do these exercises a few times a week leading up to the labor.

35th Week of Pregnancy

How involved do you want to be in the birth of the baby? Discuss the various options with both your partner and her health care provider. Will they allow you to cut the umbilical cord or video tape the birth? It is best to find out the answers to these questions beforehand. This allows time for any preparations to be made.

36th Week of Pregnancy

While it is very important that your partner has her bag packed for the trip to the hospital, there are also things that you can pack to prepare for the delivery of your baby. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Change of clothes
  • Pajamas if spending the night
  • Bathing suit- This is important if your partner is planning on a water birth or using the birthing pool during labor.
  • A watch with a second hand
  • Video/still camera-Make sure you have extra tapes, film, batteries, chargers, etc.

37th Week of Pregnancy

Is there anything that you can help your partner with during these last couple of weeks? Has she repeatedly asked you to put together the crib or finish painting the nursery? Perhaps it is another household chore that she would like you to do or needs your assistance with. Maybe you have done a great job in keeping up with her "honey-do" list, and you just need to take her out for one last "date" before the baby comes.

38th Week of Pregnancy

Have you packed your bag for the hospital? If not, you might want to go ahead and get that taken care of, because the baby could be arriving at any moment.
Many fathers like to get their son or daughter a special gift. It could be a toy, first football, doll, book, or stuffed animal. If you are planning on this you want to go ahead and pack it with your bag. You might want to also think about getting your partner a special gift. This can be a great way to remind her how much you love and appreciate her. Remember these do not necessarily have to be extravagant or expensive gifts, just something to show that you care.

39th Week of Pregnancy

Begin talking with your partner about who you would like to be present at the birth of your baby. Do you want to be alone, or do you want to be surrounded by friends and family? Now is a good time to address these concerns. This gives you a little time to make any necessary arrangements.

40th Week of Pregnancy

You and your partner may hear of a wide variety of techniques to help labor get started. While it may be tempting to try one or all of these, it is important that you discuss any of these wives' tales with your healthcare provider. Most of these techniques have not proven to be consistently effective, and some are not safe.

Self-started Toilet Training

Hi folks!

Last nite, Shone requested to take off his diaper and go poo poo. I
took the opportunity to introduce the potty instead of "toilet bowl"
requested by him.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aren't these lovely?

Hi folks!

Just restocked my cloth pad and a bundle of wet wipes as full moon
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pre-loved Cloth Diapers for sale

Hi folks,
One of my blogger buddy, Hanz is selling off her pre-loved cloth diapers.
Check if u ar interested ;)
Here's what written from her blog:
Help me getting some fund to acquire more training pants for Baby Hambali & I help you by getting these excellent used condition (EUC) preloved diapers at very cheap price! They are Bum Genius 3.0 (Blue & Green), Baby Kangas (Orange) & Rumparooz (Lavender) All are One Size Pocket CDs. They can fit any brand or any type of insert either sized one or the onesize one.
All these four well-reviewed & recommended brand CDs is for you only at RM 150.00 with free shipping! (Insert is optional, with or without, price remains the same). If it totally brand new, these four diapers will cost you RM 295.00
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour, 27 Mar, 8.30pm

Hi folks,
It's been a year since the last hype and happening Green Nite event called Earth Hour was launched in Malaysia.
I think thus far, it has created a wave of awareness and subsequent green activities and campaign in our country.
I feel despite the hypes and some remarks that it is just an "event", there's no harm at all trying to do something for a good cause and the common heart to do something to make a difference to our Earth. Just bear in mind that we do not create more "rubbish" or other wastages while supporting/engaging in this event! It supposed to be something  Good for this Earth, so besides shutting down the lights, we should also maintain other green habits which we have been doing like:
  • Campaign organizers/sponsors can give goodies bag in "reusable bag" form and not in paperbag
  • Less plastic bags/packaging in whatever products produce to commemorate Earth Hour
  • Perhaps using LED or energy-saving advertising gadgets/tools/board
Of course, better if we can continue this conscious effort in our daily life to live green and be green rite ;) after Earth Hour as well!

Last year, my family had an early celebration for my brother-in-law's whose birthday falls on Apr 1. This year, the children playgroup that my kids are participating organised talks about Green Earth and switch off the light to give the children a feel of the need to conserve electricity to play their part for our Earth. How about you? How did you spent your Earth Hour.No matter what, hope you have fun and have a good time!

Let's support the campaign and maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits for a better Earth for our future generation!

Nice Cloth Diaper: Earth Day Carnival Promotion

Hi folks,
In conjunction with World Earth Day which falls on 22nd April (every year), Nice Cloth Diaper are launching their special promotion and enable us to make a difference in our Mother Earth.
Here's their promotion items:

1. Eco Laundry Ball: -- Stop polluting our water supply with our detergent, please!
- This has been our great helper in our household and is getting increasing great response among cloth diaper mothers.
- Do you know that for each spoon of detergent that we are using, we are pouring chemicals back to our water supply?
- Do you know that if you smell fragrance on your clothes when you get them off the line, you are using too much detergent in your wash?
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- Now Selling at: RM 198(2 balls/set) for 2 sets, FREE 2 stain remover worth RM 14.
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2. Wetbag :  - No more plastic bags, please!
- Plastic bags are made of Petroleum! They stuff sea creatures when not disposed properly.
- For storing wet clothes such as soiled cloth diaper and a swimming outing
- RM 35 / pc.
- Now selling at RM 28/ pc.

3. Baby Cheeks One Size Pocket Diaper: - No more disposable diapers, please!
- Usual: RM 85/set (each set come with 1 big and 1 small insert),
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Buy 4 sets at RM 290. Buy 8 sets at RM 580

4.NCD MInky One Size Pocket Diaper: No more disposable diapers, please!
- Usual: RM85/ set (each set come with 1 big and 1 small insert),
- Special Deal Now: RM 75/set

Let's make the Mother Earth a better place for our children!

Check out now!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy, I need to exercise....

Hi folks!

KY been telling me that she needs to exercise cos her tummy is big.

Now, I am sure she felt so 'cos many concerned aunties commented she
had a bulging/ big tummy....

I used to be concerned but after reading books that some toddler tend
to have such " tummy" n it is not abnormal... It makes me relieved. I
wouldn't want KY to be so self-conscious bout her body at such young
age, other than exercise is fun & is part of our life ;)