Saturday, May 8, 2010

What have I been thinking lately in the month of May?

Hi folks,

With the radio, newspapers, advertisement and everywhere in all corners seems to be sending the message of Mother’s Day and ways of showing our appreciation to our mom, I have been thinking a lot more lately in every single task or experiences I faced and linking it with my parents (not only my mom).

One Wednesday night, my daughter suddenly express her love to me and said, “Mommy, I Love You (in Mandarin)” and my immediate action is to embrace her back and said “I Love you too”. I reckon later, perhaps the nursery teacher has taught them to express their love to their parents. No matter who or what initiates it, it sure feels good.

Now, I think back, when was the last time I hug my mom and said I love her too?

Even though my siblings and I would celebrate Mother’s Day with her every year, but to which extent my heart goes to my mom seems rather shallow.

Every single day at this month of appreciation, hearing songs of gratitude, I can’t helped but feel indebted to all the sacrifices that my parents have made to me especially at each action I did for the sake of my children.

The following little action reminded me of my parents’ sacrifices:

1. Even if there’s nothing to eat for the parents, they would make sure their child never go hungry.

Every morning, I would make sure I pack something for KY to bring to school and DH would always keep whatever snacks or special treats he have gotten from returning colleagues from overseas or gift from clients to give to his two (or maybe three, me included? Haha) darlings.

2. Every career move, family is the first priority.

For women especially, I find so many of my women friends who have let their career put on hold or reject better offer in exchange of more time for their family and kids. My parents are not excluded.

3. How many sleepless nights tending to the sick child.

Each time I had sleepless night taking care of my sick child; it reminded me how many sleepless nights my parents have sacrifice for me too.

There are many other little actions or things which reminded me of the sacrifices of all parents.

I hope I will never forget the sacrifices that my parents and in-laws have done for me & my family.

And that no matter for what reason, I should never be rude to them, always keeping in touch with them and spend more time hearing their talk or pouring of tales (this is definitely not always an easy task for me as I lacked of patience :P..but I will try my best on this J). How about you folks? What do you plan/pledge to do to commemorate this special day?

Please share with me in the comment box! :D

Cheers to all parents! Happy Mother's Day to All Mommies!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Temporary Live-in Nanny Wanted in Singapore

Hi folks,

I am posting this ad on behalf of a friend.

Temporary Live-in Nanny Wanted in Singapore

Required:  A trustworthy live-in nanny from Sep- Nov 2010 (3 months only).

Salary: MYR1800-2000 per month

Job scope: Look after a 2 years old toddler, can cook and do simple housework.

Job based: Singapore

Race: Prefer Chinese lady

Interested please e-mail your particulars (Name, Age, Tel. No) to and cc to

Only genuinely available and caring jobseeker need to apply.

Thank you.


Cheers and please pass the words around and see if anyone is available and interested for a temporary job as a nanny in Singapore.

Thanks folks!

Special Promotions during MV Expo at Fabulousmom 2 OUTLETS & ONLINE

Lotsa good deals coming for this weekend Mom & Baby Expo 2010!!!
Check out this one by Fabulousmom!
Yippee...Happy Shopping!
Dear our valued customers,

We will be participating in Mom & Baby Expo 2010, details as below:

Booth: 89 & 90
Venue: Hall 2, Level 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Hall (near World of Feng Shui & Food Court)
Date: 7, 8, 9 May (Fri to Sun)
Time: 10.30am to 9pm (on Sunday, it will end at 8pm)

We will be offering special deals as below during the expo, also at our OUTLETS in Bandar Puchong Jaya and TTDI & ONLINE.  Full address and location map to our outlets as below:

Some of the special deals we are offering:

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9) Fabulous Mom nursing poncho, tummy tube and modern bengkung at 30% off too.

10) Booth/Store wide 15% discount (except for best buy items and spare parts of breastpump)

We look forward to seeing all of you during the expo, at both our outlets or online. :-)

With warmest regards,
Vivian and team

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Day SALE by Modern Carino

hi so many great deals lately for moms n babies...
So tempting to get more cloth pad..
See this good deal..catch it tomorrow if u planning to get...only one day offer!

Dear Valued Customers,

  **pic from Google

In conjunction with Mother's Day Celebration which fall on 9th May 2010(Sunday), Modern Carino would like to add on the spice of celebration for all mothers and ladies too. We will be having a ONE DAY SALE that is on 7th May 2010. On this day, all MAMA PATCH products are on SALE!!


1) For new customers, you will entitle for 10%off for all MAMA PACTH products

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How to order? All orders receive from you, we will calculate the discount manually. Therefore, we'll appreciate if you can copy this format when you make your purchase in order to ease our processing stage.


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Email us at to place your order, then wait for our email confirmation in order to ensure stock availabilty. We have only limited stocks available, therefore we opt for first come first serve basis. We have the right to replace any of the color of the products if the existing color is out of stock. Dont forget to mark your calendar on this date to place your order to enjoy great savings!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Featured blogger in

Hi folks,
I am featured in :), a hip, cool and useful website for us, Venus...a.k.a. ladies.


pp290410-mollysmallEver wondered what it's like to be a lifelong vegetarian, or if having a baby the second time will be different from the first? You'll learn all this and more at Molly's blog, where this breastfeeding advocate reviews innovative and green products for baby, parents and households. Let's get to know her a little better, shall we?

Article written by Adline, a hip and lovely mommy herself :)

They have whole range of up-to-date articles for women ranging from pregnancy & parenting, love & life, glitz & glam and lotssss more!

Check out the and remember to subscribe (it's free) to their rss/newsletter if you find it useful too! 

Cheers to Venus!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mom & Baby Expo 2010, 7 to 9 May 2010

Hi folks!

Wow..Mom & Baby Expo 2010 is back!

Enjoy and Cheers!


Malaysia's largest parenting expo

Freebies! Great deals! Exciting Giveaway!

Free admission



Mid Valley Exhibiton Centre

3rd Floor Mid Valley Megamall

Lingkaran Syed Putra

59200 Kuala Lumpur


Eco Laundry Ball

Hi folks,my new Eco gadget to try :) excited...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Motherhood means to me?

hi folks,
After becoming a mom, all women experiences changes whether in their physical body, mental strength, perception about life as well as their ability to cope with motherhood.
Motherhood means a lot to me and changed a great deal in me. I noticed the following in me after becoming a mother which signifies what motherhood means to me:
  1. Family becomes my No. 1 priority in every decision I made.
  2. I realised the importance of role model we potray to our kids.
  3. I empathise and champion more of the courses for the younger generation.
  4. I started to appreciate the sacrifices my parents made for me.
  5. I am no longer alone and my kids are my greatest companion for a lifetime.
I think the significance of motherhood in my life has a long list..but the above are what I find straight from my heart.
What about you? What does motherhood means to you?
Now, in conjunction of Mother's day, has organised her first blog contest and the title of the blog entry for this contest is, "What Motherhood means to me?". Should you feel like sharing yours, do hop over to her blog and make your entry!
Cheers to motherhood!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Iphone for MYR700?

Hi folks,

My DH is a great Apple fan...and he got his first Iphone even before it hits Malaysia's shore...
Subsequently his office seems to turned into an Iphone gang with more than 70% got an Iphone and got his help to put in songs, games, etc. (Yea, even mine was setup by him of course!)
Now, last week, I just overheard that two of his colleagues brought their so-called Iphone bought for mere MYR700 asking him to helped them to load in some songs and games, but one glance my DH able to tell immediately it is an Iphone imitation....and then got to know from them that they actually got it from other dealers (not the authorised dealer in Malaysia comes comes with telco packages, i.e. Maxis dn Digi) for mere MYR700 and the dealers told them IT IS AN SMART PHONE and being so cheap 'cos they got it from our neighbouring country and it is compatible with the Iphone cables and gosh!!! Not sure if they are able to get back their they seems unable to contact the dealer anymore...
So guys, this morning when I saw this on TheStar Online..I like to share it with all of let us all be more alert on all these so-called good deals...
Excerpts from The StarOnline

Buy smartphones from trusted dealers

PETALING JAYA: Buyers have been urged to carry out research first before buying smartphones to avoid being cheated by unscrupulous dealers.

Fomca secretary-general Muha­m­­­mad Sha'ani Abdullah said there was a rise in the number of complaints by smartphones buyers who were cheated recently.

"We have received more than 200 complaints this year alone related to smartphone purchases," he said in a telephone interview yesterday.

He said unscrupulous traders would mislead customers into believing that certain mobile phone models had the same features as others, adding: "Many mobile phones look like smartphones these days. Those who are less tech-savvy might not be able to tell the difference."

For full article, go to The StarOnline here.