Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun Time@Parenthots Family Day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week Breast Pump Sale, 2 August to 5 September 2010

Hi folks,
Saw this at sns website!
Cheers to Breastfeeding!

World Breastfeeding Week Breast Pump Sale

2 August to 5 September 2010


2 to 7 August 2010: World Breastfeeding Week Breast Pump Sale (store pick up & cash and carry only)

3 August – 5 September 2010: Merdeka Promotion


Spectra Breast Pump

Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump + Extra Breastshield Set — RM338.00

Spectra 7 Breast Pump + Extra Breastshield Set — RM448.00


Breast Pump Package (RM12 Cash Back If Cash And Carry From Store)

Spectra 3 breast pump PRO Mom Set A + Free 8 Bumble Bee Bottles — RM537.00

Spectra 7 breast pump PRO Mom Set A + 8 Bumble Bee Bottles — RM673.00

Spectra 3 breast pump PRO Mom Set B + Free 8 Bumble Bee Bottles — RM527.00

Spectra 7 breast pump PRO Mom Set B + Free 8 Bumble Bottles — RM663.00

Spectra 3 breast pump Bubbly Joy backpack set — RM558.00

Spectra 7 breast pump Bubbly Joy backpack set — RM669.00

Ameda Breast Pump City Style Package — RM899.00

Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump Pro Mom Smart Pack Set A — RM929.00

Ameda Breast Pump Bubbly Joy Set — RM936.00

Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump Pro Mom Smart Pack Set B — RM919.00

UniMOM Forte Bubbly Joy backpack set — RM570.00

Ardo Calypso Gentle Breast Pump Backpack Set A — RM1,028.00

Ardo Calypso Gentle Breast Pump Bubby Joy Backpack Set — RM1,004.00

Ardo Calypso Gentle Breast Pump Backpack Set B — RM1,013.00

Ardo Calypso Gentle Breast Pump City Style Package — RM991.00

Medela MiniElectric breast pump Special Set — RM475.20

Medela MiniElectric Breast Pump + City Style set + Purelan + 2 Medela Bottles– RM568.00

Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump + City Style Bag set + Purelan — RM849.00

Medela Harmony + City Style Bag set + Purelan + 2 Medela bottles — RM368.00



2552A 1st Floor

Persiaran Raja Muda Musa

41100 Klang

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Universal Dashboard Mount 55% OFF for sns readers

Hi folks,
Saw this new gadget-stuff..
This is really cool design..very practical!
Check it out guys!

Did you ever wish that you could have your phone or GPS at eye level when driving? Do you dump your blackberry on the passenger seat when you get into your car? Ever feel frustrated … when you start your journey and while driving the phone starts ringing, and you have to rummage through your bag? Or frantically search the mess on your passenger seat only to miss your call?

We've got a cool solution for you. GPS Bay has engineered a Universal Dashboard Mount (UDM) that can be easily place on the "dashboard" (yes the dashboard, not the windscreen) of your car. The UDM has the flexibility to fit ALL models of GPS, ALL phones (including your iPhone and Blackberry) and even your Smart Tag.

It requires no tools for installation; no engineering degree to resize it, it's neat, it's fashionable and it sticks easily on your car dashboard. You do not need to worry about mounts falling off your windscreen or using two-way tape to glue your mounts to the windscreen or just having any unsightly device hanging on your windscreen. 

Now you can easily fit any of your devices onto the UDM when you get into your car and access, read, and make a call easily when you drive.

GPS Bay is offering all shoppingNsales readers an amazing 55% discount off the retail price.

Currently retailing at RM78, but as shoppingNsales reader you only pay RM35!!! What a bargain!

Available for a limited time only,

1. Visit

2. Choose the Universal Dashboard Mount

3. Finally enter the code "SSUDM" to enjoy the 55% discount!!!

Grab it now for yourself, your friends and your family!!!


 *Take note that delivery charges are RM10 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM15 for East Malaysia.

40 billionaires pledge to donate half their wealth

Hi folks!
Have you read the news?
40 billionaires, led by Buffet and Gates, pledge to donate half their wealth
Excerpts from TheStarOnline (Check more details here), Picture from Google.
Buffett said he, the Gateses and others have made 70 to 80 calls to some of America's wealthiest individuals. The people who agreed to the pledge are from 13 states, with the most participants in California and New York.
While some chose to remain anonymous, others who have signed the pledge include filmmaker George Lucas, media mogul Ted Turner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
Bravo! That's a very good gesture move indeed!
Hope the fund would go to deserving people!
Cheers for a generous thoughtful day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kiddyplace Mega Sale, 24 July – 16 September 2010

Hi folks,
Another baby stuff promotion!
Happy Shopping!

Kiddyplace Mega Sale

Up to 50% Off

 24 July – 16 September 2010

Products Offered

Baby clothing (up to 50% off)




Educational toys



and many more



Brands Offered

AVENT – 20%


MEBBY – 20%-25%

DR. BROWN – 20%






and many more


Location (Tel: 603 9133 1201)

 L2-01F 2nd Floor

Cheras Leisure Mall

Jalan Manis

Taman Segar Cheras

56100 Kuala Lumpur


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Creative with "Car-less" Day

 Hi folks,
Sometimes it's nice to have a "different" routine once in a while isn't it? A break-away from the usual monotonous routine to get us feeling excited, being creative and adventurous once more.
Normally over the weekend, my family is filled with events to attend, in-law or parents house to visit, shopping malls to go to. Then it happened that one weekend, our car has to be sent to the workshop for two days for major repair.
So instead of lamenting the things that we couldn't possibly do on "car-less" day, I plan and prepare for the weekend.
We often hear people saying that they get more things done when internet is done..yeah, how many of you are nodding your head now?
And how about electricity or power failure? Or the light off moment during Earth day? Did it brings out the creativity and excitement in you for some adventures?
That was what I felt about being car-less for two days in a row? In order to plan for the two days, I run through what is the most vital things to get prepared in advance(start being creative here...):
  1. Dig out my Domino Pizza vouchers.
  2. Buy some essentials foodstuff that would last for the 6 meals for spare(normally weekend we would go out to eat but this time round, I bought few items like cucumber, sushi rice, etc to prepare for some kitchen time with the kids by making sushi together)
  3. Invite people over to my place for some fun time like swimming or get-together
  4. Bring kids go jogging for some outdoor air
  5. Bought some fruits and healthy snacks like cashew nuts, etc for kids to nibble.
  6. Dig out the educational VCD that we purchased from the nursery for a movie session.
  7. Prepare to do some house cleaning with the kids.
  8. -leave for some impromptu ideas from the kids-
  9. -hubby to add on-
  10. -leave for surprises-
How about you? What would you do if you are having a "car-less" day or perhaps some out-of-the-usual day? Instead of feeling upset, we can be creative and cherish that moment of spontaneity and fun with our family!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cartoon Network contest for kids

Hi folks!

The Cartoon Network is organising a contest for kids titled Recipes for Fun.

To enter, children must watch out for the special theme in between Cartoon Network's shows every week, from July 12 to Aug 22. Themes can range from Funny Jokes, to Funny Faces, to Fun Foods.

Kids can submit their entries in any digital format, whether it's in writing, a photo or a video at

Prizes include iPhones and Ben 10 digital photo frames, as well as the grand prize of having their room turned into the ultimate Cartoon Network Bedroom.

For more information and to take part, go to



Sunday, August 1, 2010

Epic Centre@IOI Mall

wow saw lotsa IPad accessories and bag even though iPad has not officially sold here ;)