Friday, April 15, 2011

Owned a Tupperware?

Hi folks!

I believe many households own a Tupperware. When I was young, I remembered we have many Tupperware items at home, ranging from water bottles, containers, cups, etc.

As for me, I also invested in Tupperware's One Touch containers. It is so useful when I was breastfeeding and had bought a small tin of formula milk when my child is 6 months old and when my milk supply is dwindling after returning to work. The Tupperware’s One Touch container is a lifesaver. It helps to keep the formula milk fresh in the airtight form plus it is easier to open and close too.
Now, do you wish to own a Tupperware and keep your food stay crisp and fresh too; and last longer too?

Check out the Tupperware event below at KLCC Aquaria!

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