Friday, April 15, 2011

Puduraya Terminal to begin operations tomorrow!

Hi folks,

U heard the news? U seen the pictures of our reformed and refurbished Puduraya Bus Terminal?

Puduraya Terminal to begin operations tomorrow! (refer TheStar Online here).

When I saw in the news yesterday, I told my children, see that's the new Bus station.

KY asked," Why they just opened? Why there's no one there? What is the place for?"

I said, " 'Cos the place has just been renovated."

KY asked again, " Why need to renovate?"

I said, " 'Cos last time the place used to be hot and crowded."

KY said, " and small is it mom?"

I said, " Yeeah....and now it looks clean and nice rite."

KY said, "Yes."

So are you as eager to visit the place as I do?

Although I rarely go to that area anymore and rarely sit on a bus nowadays, but that place reminded me of those good old times, when I had to take bus every weekdays to go to college...and thus I am quite familiar with the shops around there then...;)

What about you? What memories you've got for our Puduraya Terminal? Have you visited the newly-renovated building?


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