Friday, April 15, 2011

PIKOM PC Fair 2011, 15th Apr until 17th Apr

Hi folks,

You must have heard the
PIKOM PC Fair 2011 is on today from 15th Apr until 17th Apr.

I heard from a friend that some of the computer parts will increased price in May due to the shortage of supply from Japan manufacturers. Not sure how true it is...

But, if you are hunting for some computer stuff, no harm getting it earlier before any price increase ...

Maybe can check out some good deals at the PIKOM PC Fair 2011!

[We, siblings planning to get something for our beloved dad...early birthday+Father's Day present..hehe]


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transformed housewife said...

my hubby is planning to get a new lappy but we are kind of having other stuffs that we need to pay first. huhu