Friday, June 17, 2011

Lovely Irresistible CHEAP & CHIC ORGANIZER SET

Hi folks,

Just thought of sharing this with you.

I owned a similar set from Gin & Jacqie...absolutely loving it!

Now, I saw this great deal from Gin & Jacqie (valid till 19 June 2011), that shopoholic & practical organizer me is getting ITCHY!!!

BUT, i have limited my budget for at least these two months to nothing but "necessary" items. Since I still have my's not under
"necessary" ...well..i have to close my eyes but not my share the deal with it..'cos it's such a good bargain.

The original price is RM49.90 for one i think..when i saw it at one of the BIG stationery shops at Bangsar(sorry forgot the name).

So ladies, if you always find yourself forgetting to bring your nick nacks or left it at some of the "other" bags you owned. It's good time to get this
chic organizer, plus it's on a real bargain price (yep, i am not given any goodies or perks from them for saying this...)

Check it out at Gin & Jacqie for this set!

Cheers and happy shopping and organising your life!

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