Saturday, June 25, 2011

Parent Challenge #-Am I progressing or regressing?

Hi folks,

I blew my top again yesterday & this morning. Why? I was totally depleted of energy when the kids are still singing away loudly at 11.15pm. And this morning my son woke me up at 4am to construct his train set, watch his Ben 10, play on iPad... Yep I stopped myself from blog-hopping and switch with reading the newsletter from BMS organic..which is reminds me whether I am progressing or regressing in terms of healthy diet for me and the much am I doing for the environment? I am turning in my recycleables and stocking up my organic later...positive "punishment" for once which I am benefitting..but still lotsa work to do on NOT SHOUTING or fuming at the kids antics..wish me all the Best!

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