Friday, June 24, 2011

Parenting Challenge #1

Hi folks!

I am challenging myself on the Parenting spectrum. Interested to join me?

Human cells renew every 3 months so the folk says...guess that is why most supplements would encourage you to take it for at least 3 mths to see the results?

I am now challenging myself to use other alternatives and positive measure to replace:
SHOUTING and RAISING my VOICE at the kids

So, in order to make it work i am taking a deep breath each time my "temperature" rising. And made sure I control my tongue.

What if I failed...I have to apologize to the kids, excused myself and do something positive (like spending full time with them, no blog-hopping, no internet, no TV)...those are the only luxury daily...which I think can be cut off...

What if I passed the challenge? I would have pick up more than one ways to communicate positively with the children and hopefully reduce the "damage" done to the kids; and I do notice kids opened up to you more when you treat them as your friend. When your friend made mistake, you do not raise your friend at them, do you?

So, yes...wish me luck on my first self-imposed Parenting challenge.

Start from now...and with weekly reports on how i fare!

Send me all your best wishes and love everyone!


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Mummy to QiQi said...

I am now challenging myself not to lay my hands on them....hope it works for me too :)