Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inconsiderate Hands-behind-the wheels

Inconsiderate Hands-behind-the wheels

It can be really annoying when we met with such drivers (a reminder to myself not to commit such inconsiderate actions):
1. Purposely or simply to save fuel by going less than 40km/j when the traffic lights turned green...pls. Do it when yellow light is on or when driving around neighborhood where there are kids cycling around

2. Double or triple park, blocking other cars just to save time, save the hassles of finding a further carpark spot
Don't you think others do not wish to waste time honking and wait for you to move your car away when they need to go off?

3. Parking or stopping abruptly at the corner after cars turn in. It is very dangerous as cars at the back won't know or expect there is car "parking" illegally or stopping as they wish abruptly in front of the turn

4. Cutting through or in localized way, "potong" without putting on signal

5. Cross over others' lane simply 'cos the lane he suppose to be have longer queue..dangerous indeed

What are dangerous 'stunt' you have seen?

Patience and love save lives on the road...

Everyone is someone's child, any life lost will certainly break the heart of the parent.

It only takes perhaps one more minute to let the car past through and it takes more time and trouble if any disputes or mishaps happened.

This is something I have always remind myself.

Drive safely. Be safe on the road!


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