Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lessons Learned

Hi folks,

Something which I have been noticing about communication between myself and people around me.

Here are the lesson learned:

-When communicating with people, first invite them into your heart(with God already inside your heart at all times). To be at One with them and to be able to connect with them or put ourselves in their shoes.

- E.g. people wish or ask about you, do you ask them back how they are doing?
- Are we able to understand the message behind their words?

 E.g. children. Do we invite our spouse in our heart or put only Me, Myself and I in our heart in our daily encounters and communication:- if yes, there's bound to be conflicts and disagreement as we failed to communicate as One and put love foremost in our relationship with others

What are the things you learned today? Do share :)


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