Monday, August 1, 2011

Fasting month and Reflection moment

Hi folks!

Very quickly it is Bulan Ramadhan, fasting month for our Muslim friends around the globe.

From my understanding, this is the month whereby they not only fast but also having good thoughts, good action and good speech.

It's a bit similar to what the Chinese does before Chinese New Year, spring-cleaning (the house, the body and the mind..for me in this I glance through my new year resolution and stuff).

So, as I was browsing through the list I made in June 2009 when I was 29 of age whereby i made the ambitious long list to achieve..haha..but it served as a guide and a non-exhaustive list for me and this year finally I managed to cross some of them:

1. Restart my jogging or exercise regime- did few times at the gym(with hubby and on my own), at the park(with colleagues) and playground(with kids)
3. Pick up 29 new skills:- Route learning (am better and less afraid to venture into unfamiliar area now)
7. Schedule ME time to do: Catching up with girls-friend(at her 31st birthday!)
8. Clear my "storeroom" and turned it into mini study-room cum guest room- finally..done and more picture and write up soon!
17. Have house improvement monthly be it in d├ęcor, spring-cleaning or decluttering.As i was decluttering the storeroom, i cleared the wet kitchen area too to make space for the stuff...**happy**
22. Set up my bookshelves plus kids one.Done, left enjoying book reading and shopping therapy
25. Put up family pictures in my home, in-law and parent's place.Done! all 3 places! Yey!

7 items checked...and more to come..slow and steady..yet keep to it! Yey!
(It does mean a lot to me to clear off one item per item on my list...and it feels good and motivating too!)

What are you keeping in your list...are you working(gradually and consistently) to get it checked too?

Do share your thoughts!


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