Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How does a piece of goreng pisang and a cup of milo do to me?


I was having hunger strike after delaying my lunch due some work commitment yesterday.

At 3pm, when the issue has not been resolved, I had to inform my teammate, give me a 5 min break to grab something from the cafeteria as I am too hungry....and worried of gastric attack anytime.

Phew...when i rushed to the cafeteria at a client site, wanting to try my luck to get some bread...all I can find is roti kok or those toasted bread with sugar coating in a packet form.

The first thought which came into my mind is scouting for some hot milo (something similar taste to "hot chocolate" as it is made of cocoa powder) to ease the hunger...

Then, suddenly I saw them bringing out a tray of hot piping goreng pisang or fried banana fritters...

Wow...heavenly! After checking that they have cooked with "new oil", (to think I can even asked this question at the point of great hunger :P), I quickly rang my teammate to ask if she like to have some fried bananas fritters. Cost MYR1 for 3 pieces, I packed two packets for me and teammate. I quickly drank my hot milo while savouring my goreng pisang....gosh...immediately feeling from near-faint-hunger to energized-body.

That is how a mere hot milo and a piece of goreng pisang can do to me in time of hunger...

Aren't we ought to be grateful for all the food we could savour and nourish our body with?

Cheers and have a lovely day folks!

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