Sunday, September 11, 2011

Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011

Hi folks,

Did you noticed there are lots cars last night? It took us like 2 hours plus to reach my in-law's place.

The jam started around Bkt. Jalil area and at KL itself on places where there are mini Mooncake fest at certain housing area.

And I noticed lots cars heading towards Bkt. Jalil area. When I reach my in-law's place (finally...with the two kids soundly asleep, and yea, missing their dinner cos of the lengthened trip), my motorist enthusiast brother-in-law told us that's cos Das Auto....Volkswagen Autoshow started at Bkt. Jalil stadium! Why, haven't I see the nicely dom-shaped camp earlier..gosh didn't know that it started!

So, guys and know what to do yea...parents who are not looking into stucked in the jam, try avoid areas leading to the Das Auto Show ; unless hehe the husband is heading there for a reason! haha...

All right there..have a lovely day folks!

Itchy to know more about the Auto Show? Go to this site:


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