Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recuperate- Day 3

Hi folks!

Thanks for all your good wishes! I got better each day. I spent the whole morning (4am-11.30am) to finish up a 585pgs(divide by 2) of Bilingual Biography I have been waiting for more than 18 yrs for the translated version to come...not to brag...but just amazed, happy and glad that I still have the drive and energy for marathon reading just like when I was young...when we got hold of a nice book and hard to let record it down here for encouragement for more reading adventures to come...

I have not done much reading ever since I am with kids.. I mean serious, intense reading....

Am glad the reading makes me felt rejuvenated, cleansed and much inspired. Meeting up a faraway friend for the first time with story-like encounters and experiences to share during last night dinner time is indeed another highlights for me.

I am enjoying and truly thankful for the recuperation days given Doc! Recharging..

On physical note wise I know I am still not up to it...stamina still lacking. Can't sit, talk too long or overeats...moderation is the key here..

Have a lovely day folks! Today I will see my boy again after 1 week away from me...

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