Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recuperate- Day 6

Hi folks!

I have stayed 6 days in hospital and another 6 days recuperating@ home for dengue.... Tomorrow has to be back in office.

I have been diligently taking the cactus juice, ginseng powder and fruits to rebuild the energy, qi and strength.

I have not been able to talk too long or raise my voice at the kids(lucky for them? Not really cos when words didn't make it, has to use spanking and I hated it) ...been trying to get DH help to discipline the kids like when they spent long hrs "brushing teeth" in the bathroom etc... Simply no strength to keep asking them to get out of the room and water play...phew...

Today would be the last day resting@home. Thankful for the chance to rest. Till Dec when I try to take some time off...when bbsitter goes on leave for school holidays. ..

It's back to work's time to pick up what's pending..

It feels good to eat well and rest well..if we could all eat healthily not only when we are sick..and rest enough to recharge daily... Our body will thank us for it! And function better too :)

I hope I would still take time to sync with my body after this..listen well and work as a team with our body :)

Cheers and have a healthy day!

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