Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hi folks!

The first telco I used when I first started college is DiGi.

The first smart phone I used at the beginning of motherhood is iPhone.

And together, DiGi and iPhone 4S makes a great companion to me!

I remember I was checking through my e-mails while pumping milk at work during lunch hours during my breastfeeding days.

I was also browsing online using the data packages anywhere, everywhere checking on sales for baby products, checking on route/maps to the warehouse sales etc.

I love DiGi data plans. If you learn about how we were charged MYR750 data plans when we first got our iPhone, you would know why we loved DiGi iPhone plans/packages!

Unlike in US or Japan whereby most places are "wired", you get wifi pretty everywhere you go. In Malaysia, we still need a good data plan to be able to online everywhere, anytime.

So, DiGi sure has a more affordable iPhone packages and data plans to match the users from heavy to light users who surf occasionally.

Now, if we ask Siri which telco has the most affordable iPhone 4S packages, I am curious what Siri would answer...really...who owns an iPhone 4S? Mind to try? Do you get the answer as shown in the picture on the left?

Cheers to a more affordable phone package for Malaysian users!

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