Saturday, September 10, 2011

Staying in Love

Hi folks! Yesterday was 9 Sep, or 9.9 and 9 for Chinese it sounds like everlasting and thus many couples chose to formalized or solemnized their marriage on this day. Mine was 4.9 nothing special merely choosing a Sun. but the actual Chinese ceremony falls on Mooncake festival i.e coming Monday..may we all stay in love everlasting this couple here..sweet..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Check this event aspiring breastfeeding moms

They are having breastfeeding talk at Seri Kembangan on 10 Sep! Check out more on their special promotions & booth near your place!

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Organize Jo Promo by Gin & Jacqie, TODAY ONLY!


Sharing with u a great of my favourites ;)

Here's from Gin & Jacqie newsletter

September Steal!

                 09-09-2011 Promo
* Terms & Conditions apply. Promotion is valid for 1 day (09/09/2011) only. Promotion not applicable to Organize Jo Black. While stocks last.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mind over Matters which truly Matters

Hi folks! At times, or most of the time we tend to worry and fuss over unimportant matters. Step back and readjust our heart, we shall then be able to see more clearly what truly matters to us in life and stop sweating over small stuff :)
Reminder to myself...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kids room

Hi folks!

I overlooked this post as I have actually previously posted the pictures in FB rather than on my blog I think...only when one of my friend started asking did I notice this it.

Remember my long-time goal to turn the storeroom into the kids room?

I finally managed to do it one day...or one fine day when this mommy felt gung-ho enough to do it all on her roughly 3/4 day. Phew!..Talking about when mood came...

So here are some pictures after the decluttering...and after the decor done by the kids....(this is one of the trick/tips ..get the kids involved in decorating their own room...then there's higher chance they will like staying in their own room rather than camping with us)

So, I will let the picture do the talking here....

Now, I only managed to capture the wall, cos this room is quite small actually besides one queen size bed and the keyboard, it is purposely left empty as the doctor said try to leave the kids bedroom/sleeping area to be less stuff, as less stuff = less two of them have real sensitive nose here.

Cheers another project checked from my list! Yey...what's next? Hmm...the garden!

International Green Technology and Eco Products Exhibition, 7-10 Sep 2011

Hi folks,

I happened to stumble upon this event held at Kuala Lumpur Convention must be such an eye-opening for "green" people who are eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious...

For more information, check out IGEM here.

Do check it out if you are interested!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pay Less Books Warehouse Sales, 16-18 September 2011

Hi folks!

As I have missed the Bookfest last wondering if I could make it this Malaysia Day holiday..hmm..wonder ..they should stay open on Sep 16?

Then this mommy can go book-shopping..yey!




16-18 September 2011

Pay Less Books Warehouse Sales

From RM1

Books Offered

Paperback Fiction – 5 Books RM12

Non Fiction – From RM3

Teen & Children Books – From RM1

Time : 10am to 7pm


Hotel Hall

3K Inn

Jalan SS 13/1

Subang Jaya

Groovy Parent Contest

Hi folks!

Like to win The Groovy Guide to Parenting book written by Jamilah Samian and her husband Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah?

Check out contest details at  ParenThots now! The contest ends Sept 30, 2011.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Fresh New Day

Hi folks,

Many of us will be starting work today after the blessed and much needed one-week break. How has your holiday been?

Have you been taking the rest you needed?
Have you been doing things you have wanted to do?
Have you been seeing people you like to visit for sometime?
Overall, hope everyone has a fruitful holiday and it's now back to work and back to school for the children..another few months to go before we say goodbye to year 2011. Let's make it a good one! One with no regrets, one with fulfilling & meaningful tasks & events!

Cheers to us all & Have a good start of the week!

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