Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food during dengue recuperation?

Hi folks! I have been searching & asking around how to recuperate back after dengue. Common answers I received is consult TRaditional Chinese Doctor, rest more, don't eat fried & spicy food, only hot shower, eat on time an sleep early. Here are some of the food I am taking..oats, spirulina, vit c, fruits, jam on my first week back to work for lunch...

Friday, December 9, 2011

PAY LESS BOOKS’s Year End Stock Clearance from RM 1.00 is back!!!

Wow..lately lotsa chance to buy books :)

Check this out folks!

PAY LESS BOOKS's Year End Stock Clearance from RM 1.00 is back!!!

Paperback Book : RM 1.00

Hardcover Book : RM 2.00

(Non-Fiction, Fiction, Cook & Kids Book)

Venue: 45, Jalan BP 6/7, Bandar Bukit Puchong, Selangor

Date  : 9 - 12 December 2011 (Fri - Mon)

Time  : 10:00am - 6:00pm (Friday - Sunday)

            10:00am - 3:00pm (Monday)

It's book hunting time!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

A vaccine for dengue by the end of 2014?

Hi folks!

I have been hearing about this: vaccine for dengue soon...

Here's the news at TheStar Online:
"If all goes well, a vaccine may be available by the end of 2014,' says Sanofi-Pasteur's global department of research and development associate vice-president Jean Lang.

Hope it comes earlier or as scheduled to reduce the pain, suffering and fatality rate of dengue!

Have a healthy day!


Civil servants to get up to 13% pay rise

Hi folks!

Heard the news? Civil servants to get up to 13% pay rise (refer here).

Just when private companies are facing tight budget, unsure bonus payment (don't even mention about increment).

I heard from a friend that Malaysia has the highest ratio of civil servant against total population in the country; which is not a good thing.
Meaning most of the taxpayer money are spent not efficiently.

Well...what do you think?

Or you are thinking to jump into civil working team instead to reap the benefits they are gaining..

Thought of the days nearer to the Year's time for reflection.

Cheers and have a fruitful day!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Death from Dengue

Hi folks!

Today's news:
Excerpt (Source:

"Mohd Amirul Izat, who had been admitted to Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian since Nov 10, was suspected to have dengue fever and was unconscious for about 23 days before he passed away. He was buried at the Kampung Pohon Tanjung Muslim cemetery."

So yes, dengue does kill ...must take precaution folks!

Cheers and clear away the stagnant water...

Disney Junior Ahoy Adventures

Hi folks!

Last Saturday, my family and I attended our first ever Family Party by Disney titled: "Jake & The Never Land Pirates Family Party".

The whole party was held a rather new shopping mall, Publika at Solaris Dutamas. It was our first time there but I must say the organiser did a good job at drawing out the map with very good pointers on direction. We did not get lost at all!! This is very important as DH tends to get bit annoyed if and when the place/event I suggested was filled with "unnecessary" adventures, e.g. getting lost, couldn't find the place, got there late, etc.

Sophia and team has done a great job. Look at the effort done to the venue, the food, everything to the Pirates theme! All these party theme can be DIY ourselves by checking out the resource center at!

The event started with photo-taking for the kids with Jake. 

Then, followed with Treasure Hunt (tally with the Pirates theme). We won the second prize for being the second fastest to find all the 5 treasures by following the clue given. And we won a special chest which KY used it as her treasure chest to store her rubber bands and stuff, her own treasure chest now :)

All the families (or rather the kids) are given the goody bags!

After that, we are being shown to the much-awaited (by KY who has been waiting and thought I am bring her to watch it at...of all places cinema!! ) Jake & the Never Land Pirates. At the end of the show, KY was asking me why there isn't any popcorn served? She is reminiscing on her previous movie treat :D

The kids are the most attentive audience throughout the show, while the parent bloggers are busy snapping their pictures away.

Next, we are being pampered with lovely food by Marmalade Cafe. The organiser has been gracious enough to set up a vegetarian corner. How thoughtful!

We had yummy spaghetti, pizza, fruit punch and cakes. All the food has special Jake & The Never Land Pirates theme names. Watch the labels given at each dishes!

Lastly, we are also given a nicely-printed card with guides to make the magic wand.

This is one of the family event which we enjoyed as a family for this holiday. Thanks to Disney and to the organizer, Sophia & team!

Here's a group photo with the rest of the parent bloggers who attended this lovely event!

Now, are you ready for some Ahoy show? Tune in to Astro Channel 613 everyday at 1pm and 7.30pm for your dose of treasure hunt and pirates adventures! A special new holiday episode will also be aired at 1pm on Christmas Day, 25 December!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dengue Fever: What I learned from it?

Hi folks,

Wonder anyone is bored of me keep telling about my dengue ordeal, but I thought it's good to share it and document it so that I remember the lessons learnt.

Honestly, before this I knew little about dengue except it was caused by mosquito bite(of certain species; of the black and white-legged mozzies) that carries the virus. The only symptom I knew then was your bone will ache.

Little did I knew these:
  1. Some will have red itchy rashes on their skin ( I still have it on my legs, it shows that it has not fully gone...).
  2. Some would experience severe vomitting (like me).
  3. Some or most would experience bleeding (I had menses-like bleeding lasted 6 days after my original menses ends 5 days earlier; reason being the wall of the uterus has not recovered and hit by the virus....). Thus, when I discharged, the warning Doctor gave me was, take care not to fall or cut yourself, to avoid bleeding as the platelet level has not returned. So the bleeding would take longer time to heal. If you really bleeds(according to the nurse), hold the wound for longer time to stop the bleeding; that is what I did when the nurse took out the needle and tools which served to hold the drip for 6 days and the bleeding wouldn't stop. Really scary. For the first time of my life, I knew and witness myself how useful and crucial platelet function as part of our body. [Add-on: No brushing teeth, just gargle as brushing might cause your gum to bleed during this time]
  4. Some would have diarrhea.
  5. Fever. I did not know I was 39.5 degree Celsius and once reaching 40, I only felt very hot.
  6. Some severe cases would need blood transfusion.
  7. Some would die from the complication if they have previous/hidden illness or their organs are weak.
  8. It takes one month to fully feel normal again and 6 months for the body to get rid of the virus.
Ok, here are the few new things I learned from dengue....anything to add/ask?

Have a healthy and happy days folks! Laughter is the Best medicine...when I had dengue and find my spirits going low, reading and chatting with friends helped!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Water Color Art by 5 yr old KY

Hi folks! KY been wanted to do some painting with water color. This school holiday I got her some basic tools to start off with. Here's her official Masterpiece at age 5. Can you see what's in the pic?
(It's a butterfly! Mommy has zero input at her art piece, merely financing her tools and cleaning after the mess helped by DH)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Personal Experience with Dengue

Hi folks!

Many people asked how my platelet managed to go up and many also shared with me some home remedies.

When I admitted to hospital, all the hospital did was put me on drip to keep me from dehydration, took my temperature, blood pressure and blood test daily as part of their monitoring measure.

The Doc said, "There's nothing much we can do except to wait for the platelet count to rise."

I asked, "Is there anything I could do to help it to rise faster and heal faster? And how long I need to be at the hospital(thinking of my kids, work and also dreaded at the daily vomiting I had as if morning sickness I endured during my two pregnancies whereby I was on drip few times too)"

Dr. said, " Well there's nothing much we can do as currently there's no medication for dengue. That's why you see we don't prescribe any medication for you. Do you need any medication for your fever and vomitting?"

I said," I have been vomitting few times and not able to drink or eat since morning(it was late afternoon when the Dr. finally came). And I am feeling very hot( from inside, the air-cond was put at 23 degree Celsius by the nurse as she said had to keep my temperature down. Then someone who shared the room with me switched it to 32!!!!! while I was a slept, making me feeling hot and sweaty all over..."

I cannot imagine when I was having two-room ward, I am already facing difficulties with the air-cond plus sleeping time( the Korean youngster who slept to me earlier who had dengue as well was a late sleeper and been watching late night movies with her laptop :P).

Throughout my 6 days there, I have 5 different roommates. One of the them being the Ms. Malaysia, Soo Wincci who shifted after the single room is available I think..she had a minor car accident nearby. Being sick and not really a good timing(with people hospitalized)  I did not take the chance to take a pic with her. But wow, she really looks great with very good complexion and outlook in life as she described her ordeal with her friends and family who came to visit. No self-pity, blaming etc, still busy accessing her laptop.. :)

Now back to how I recovered from dengue.. I truly was not sure what truly helps.. But I am very thankful for people(my babysitter) who brought me papaya juice(she just squeeze the juice out and I drank it fresh, slightly bitter but still bearable) & to my sis who brought me fresh watermelon juice(which I drank it all)!

I only took one teaspoon of papaya leaf juice for two days( and vomitted it out afterward); but I guess part of it still did went in my body as after that, the next day my platelet goes up, and I was discharged after resting one more day.

The Dr. saw my papaya leaf juice and want to know his reaction & explanation on the source of this home remedies? Let me explain in the next post.. as it's getting too lengthy this post.. Are you folks yawning already?

Note: I purposely wrote this post for my sifu(former colleague and a great teacher for me in life & at work) who SMS me about hi friend who is having dengue). Hope my sharing helps...

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