Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple yet thoughtful gestures

Hi folks! On last day of work for 2011, I received these gifts from colleagues (Azza & On), thanks for thinking of me..small but kind gestures ends a good year! :)

Year End Ritual: New Year Goals

Hi folks!

It's the time of the year for goal setting :)

Have you completed yours? 

I have completed mine, the draft version.

Separating into the following areas:
1. Health
2. Personal Development
3. Family
4. Work
5. Finance
6. Spiritual
Shall share more in more specific task-oriented basis to achieve each of these goals!

Happy New Year everyone!

 Have a great year!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Hakka Loi Cha

Hi folks, this is a signature Hakka Dish that I love and would always order whenever it is on the menu. It's called Hakka Loi Cha which made up of a bowl or rice with lotsa of lightly boiled vegetables, crunchy peanuts and a special gravy made out of grinded tea leaves, mint, basil, sesame seeds, etc.
Super Yummy & Healthy dish!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's 29 Dec 2011~

Hi folks!

Another 2-3 days, we will be stepping into year 2012. What has 2011 brings to you?

What is your hope and aspiration for 2012?

Shall we start making our reflection and share it with God, ourselves, our close friends or even our blog....let them be our supporters and reminders of our dreams and goals...

I am making a list soon after I done reviews on my past goals and achievement :)

If you are making yours, please do leave your blog url or share it with me at the comment box. I love to be your supporter too!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things to be Grateful of during Festive season

Hi folks!

Yesterday, at the news @ 8pm, many chinese consumers were being interviewed with the Chinese New Year approaching plus the high expenses incur when kids starting school this 4 Jan, will it affect their pocket and the way they spend. And whether the MYR100 allocation from the government if of any help to them.

Truly, we do spend a lot during festive season don't we? For the Chinese, people usually will buy new clothings, new shoes, etc etc during the CNY.

As for me this year, I will also try not to spend unnecessary.

I am grateful to have:
  1. Enough clothing to wear
  2. Enough food to eat
  3. Enough leaves/holidays to spend with my family

That's all matters during the festive season, isn't it ;)

How do you feel during the upcoming festive season?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hi folks!

The first telco I used when I first started college is DiGi.

The first smart phone I used at the beginning of motherhood is iPhone.

And together, DiGi and iPhone 4S makes a great companion to me!

I remember I was checking through my e-mails while pumping milk at work during lunch hours during my breastfeeding days.

I was also browsing online using the data packages anywhere, everywhere checking on sales for baby products, checking on route/maps to the warehouse sales etc.

I love DiGi data plans. If you learn about how we were charged MYR750 data plans when we first got our iPhone, you would know why we loved DiGi iPhone plans/packages!

Unlike in US or Japan whereby most places are "wired", you get wifi pretty everywhere you go. In Malaysia, we still need a good data plan to be able to online everywhere, anytime.

So, DiGi sure has a more affordable iPhone packages and data plans to match the users from heavy to light users who surf occasionally.

Now, if we ask Siri which telco has the most affordable iPhone 4S packages, I am curious what Siri would answer...really...who owns an iPhone 4S? Mind to try? Do you get the answer as shown in the picture on the left?

Cheers to a more affordable phone package for Malaysian users!

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

Hi folks!

When hubby is telling me about the new features of iPhone 4S to me while having meal one day, I was half-listening to him and half-reading+eating. Until he mentioned about the Siri.

Wow, Siri does sure sounds like a great time-saving feature for moms like us! Just imagine checking for route without having to press on the phone, or ask Siri to check on the recipes i have kept in my ibooks. Wow..good good feature for me! Great hands-free assistant in deed.

So, if DH ever get his wish granted on getting the new iPhone 4S (or maybe I got it myself by winning contest running by Nuffnang now), the first feature I will play around with would be Siri! I would check on Siri and see how updated and smart she is by asking her, "Who is the winner of the contest-

"Win the DiGi iPhone 4Showdown!"?

Hoping that Siri would say,
"Ms. Molly Lim from"



DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Hi folks!

There are many of my friends would ask, if I would consider A brand, B brand, C Brand of phones over  iPhone.

Being an iPhone users for more than 2 years, I am quite accustomed to the convenience and companion it has given me.

Even though I have not tried any other brand, but I find no reason to change to the other brand as truly iPhone has been kinda of part of my life.

I used it for voice recording to record my rehearsal for my talks/presentation, my kids use it to check on the Talking Dictionary while reading their books, my hubby browses it daily for latest iPhone apps.

I must say, I Sure Win iPhone 4S!
iPhone 4S has won me over!



Hi folks!

My DH is the most loyal Apple fan. From playing with the first iPad nano i won from a contest till his daily Macintosh pc he used at work being a Graphic Designer, now he own or played with almost all the i- gadgets.

Being the iPhone reaches M'sia shore, he couldn't wait for it and ordered from the nearest Apple online shop in Asia to ship it over.

Now, with the local telco having it, he is eyeing even more for it. He's the typical gadget guy.

But, one thing for sure, his wife (yours truly) would be the one looking at the $ sign for him. That's what a wife is for, agree?

And truly, the one which really have a better deal/packages would be from DiGi!

DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable, why?

Just look at their plans:

iPhone 4S


RRP: RM2,290
Recommended Plan:

iDiGi 138

(with Auto-Billing)


  • RM1,400 rebate (RM200 off RRP, RM1,200 total rebates incl. Auto-Billing)
  • RM100 waiver for administration fee
  • Free delivery with online purchase
  • 30-day free trial for DiGiMusic™ Play

Now, everyone can own a iPhone 4S from DiGi, really! Just look around'll see not only the young and hip ones are using iPhone. The elderly techie folks are catching up too!

Interested to find out more about DiGi packages? Check out here!

Have a lovely day ahead!