Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Words learned today

Hi folks!

It's been sometime since I last wrote about the new words I learnt.

Today I like to share a word I learned which makes me perform some reflection/contemplation:


Meaning: To make something quickly and without a lot of care, using whatever is available

I am pondering did i do that sometimes or many times....
when i cook, when i talk to kids...
when I am in a rush...

I sure gotta be mindful about this and not to be cobble :)

How about you? Do you often cobbled as a parents? Let's stop to think and readjust when "cobbling" is action ....to put in more heart and effort in what we are doing daily...with essence of LOVE! That would certainly make the time with kids, and the meals much more delightful!


1 comment:

transformed housewife said...

I guess cobbling is the second nature to most parents. :D