Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

Hi folks!

Nestle has been a company with long history and memories for us. Think of Nestle, what comes into your mind? To me, the first few that comes into my mind like...

And many more...during my school days, college times, working time and more.Every products here has a story throughout my life...for e.g. Maggi Mee curry holds a dear memories in my heart that up till now I can still remember the taste and scene where my aunt would cook a bowl of this every morning :)

How about you? Do you have your incredible story or memories with Nestle that you wished to share? If you do, head on to  http://www.nestle.com.my/Nestle100Years/Intro.aspx and share your stories!

I have done mine:
Mine happened in the 1980's......

And here I chose writing as my sharing means, you can get creative and submit pictures, tweets or even videos!

And remember to fill up your details before submitting...and stand to win some fabulous prizes worth total  of RM 100,000 from Nestle.

So what are you waiting for? Share your Nestle story now at http://www.nestle.com.my/Nestle100Years/Intro.aspx!


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