Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What you can do to help these community?

What you can do to help

Hi folks!
Saw this article whereby we could assist in any way to help the orang asli community:

Sign up as volunteers

There are three categories of volunteers: Behind-the-scene volunteers who label and tag each piece of craftwork; frontliners who man the stalls and interact with customers during sale events; and volunteers who help transport the craftwork from villages to Gerai's "office" or to pick up the craftwork from office to sale locations. Volunteers have to cover petrol or car maintenance costs.

Offer rent-free spaces

Gerai relies on event organisers, government agencies or private companies to offer rent-free spaces for its stalls.

Contribute to Gerai OA's Medical Fund

Set up in 2007, the tabung ubat accepts contributions for medical supplies like paracetamol, bandages and ointments that are donated to the artisans Gerai work with. For a detailed list, check Gerai OA's facebook.

Donate food or household essentials

Gerai accepts food and used/new household items that will be distributed to the different communities. Essentials include re-usable grocery bags, clothes and bedlinens. For details, check Gerai OA's Facebook: facebook.com/geraioa or e-mail geraioa@gmail.com or call Reita Rahim (019-751 8686) .
Cheers to a charitable heart and day!

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