Friday, May 4, 2012

Backpack-Free Friday

Hi folks!

When I was young(in primary school), I used to envy those secondary school seniors who can bring a very small slingbag to school daily unlike us the primary school going children who often lugs a big backpack and another bundle of books at our hand plus our water bottle sling on our poor shoulder.
Sounds familiar?
That's why when the ipad or ebook is out, I am hoping that these would actually replace the heavy textbooks we need to carry to school.
And today, I saw this initiative on Parenthots:
Back Pack Free Friday Campaign is coordinated by Parenting 2.0, an international consciousness movement that aims to effect positive change in every avenue of human interaction by advocating a more proactive educational process for foundational life skills. Parenting 2.0 on LinkedIn is the top ranked parenting group with nearly 2000 members in over forty countries.

Lifting the Burden off Children and Schools

WHO? Children, Schools and Families around the planet.

WHAT? Have children leave backpacks at home this day.

WHEN? Friday, May 4th. 2012

WHERE? Everywhere!

WHY? To literally lift the burden off children and schools.

Back Pack Free Friday draws awareness to the importance of children's foundational care – sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise – in their daily lives. Students do not work or socialize well with others when they are tired and hungry. Add to this a pack of heavy books on their back. This is the day we say children's health matters and we are taking action to support them.
Here are some of the things we could do:

Please join us in Being the Change

  1. Communicate you care by leaving your children's back packs at home on May 4th.
  2. Join our Back Pack Free Friday Page on Facebook and share pictures of your children and their backpacks.
  3. Share Press Release with school officials and local media.
  4. Tweet reminders once daily. "Take Burden off Children and Schools! Support Back Pack Free Friday May 4th." Include the hash tag #P20BPFF.
  5. Download the Life Skills Report Card.


Check out more information Parenting 2.0 website!
Cheers to a healthier and happier children and life!

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