Friday, May 4, 2012

Daily Big Biz and Cancer

Hi folks!
Have you done your "big biz" today?
Yesterday i read an article stating:
"Women eating plant-based diets may have lower breast cancer rates because they have larger bowel movements."
My chinese physician also advised us to drink at least 500ml of warm water upon waking up(yep, before brushing our teeth) to flush out all the toxins from our body daily.
And, our bowel movement should be as much as our meals, i.e. 3 meals equals to 3 bowel movement per day. That is what I unconsciously trying to achieve. When it is regular like that I feel so much lighter and more energetic!
So, taking a plant-based diet does have heaps of benefits? Are you ready to take more plant-based choices in your meal today?
Cheers and Happy Wesak Day to all tomorrow!

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