Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday, sushi and holidays..

Hi folks!

Yesterday was DH birthday. We celebrated the night before as he has a meeting to attend (yea on his birthday night!).

Here's the his lunch yesterday (sushi) painstakingly made by me :P early in the morning..

K, this one doesn't look so nice(the loose ends) and is my pack. DH and the kids one have much better-looking ones..(rushing for time to snap their lunchpack).

Now, how has your school holiday been? I haven't done much as was pretty busy lately..(thus lack of update)

This coming weekend, we'll be attending a cousin's wedding plus meeting some old relatives...

Till we catch up again!

Have an awesome days ahead!


1 comment:

Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

worth the pain ,I least you have good effort though! visiting you!