Monday, May 28, 2012

Nourishing drink for confinement

Hi folks! For the Chinese, most of us are familiar with this drink which are consumed especially during confinement(with added ginger slices for some). It is also very good for after menses to rebuild the blood. This is the pre-pack I got it at Chinese medical shop; just cook it in 2.5-3litre of water & drink it whole day long in replace of plain water. Even not in confinement, having this drink frequently is very good for us what's inside this pack? There's dried longan, red dates, black dates, wolfberries, tong sum & pak kei. Taste great and very good to replenish qi & blood. I have a friend who after dengue, the hubby made this drink for her daily without fail..she now possess the rosy cheeks a I'd putting on yup am going to make this weekly :)

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