Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gadget and Greener Lifestyle

Hi folks!

Guys loves to talk about technology gadgets..whereas mommies, don't we simply love talking about kitchen gadgets :D

Recently my mil bought us this wonderful gadget! Biosafe, which can be used not only to clean the baby bottles, baby toys, cutleries, fruits, vegetables, grains actually said to be able to killed 99.9% bacteria. They have actually conducted test by putting in E.coli into it and run the Biosafe.

You gotta try it to believe it. So these days, I would use Biosafe to clean the bottles, the fruits and vegetables. Hooray for more salads(raw greens) in our diet with the convenience of this gadget :) Feel safer too...

So, needless to guess, today i had tomato salads with oven-baked tofu for lunch...(sorry lunch wiped out before i could take any picture)..more experiments to be done to create more meal-satisfying salads!

Will share more of my experiments in the future!

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