Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Belated Teacher's Day!

Hi folks!

First of all, Happy Belated Teacher's Day to all teachers!

Who are those teachers whom you still remember? Can count with a single hand?

Throughout my studies there are a number of teachers which influenced me greatly, they are:
1. Primary 6 English teacher- Ms. Ng who built a strong foundation in English
2. Mrs. Thiang,my Form 1 English teacher who gave my first 3 Reader's Digest which started my thirst for books
3. Mr. Yap, my coach(sports), biology & Add. Maths teacher who taught us like Uni. Students. I remember how I would go to him to challenge the answers given on the exam questions and eventually won and got my well-deserved marks back :) and as he grad from NZ, an I used to revise my Biology in English(borrowing O level Biology reference book from the library as I find it easier to understand and makes better sense than in Malay which uses mostly translated terms from English)
Note: Please be wise and fair MOE, let our children study Science & Maths in English!!!

4. Mrs. Ong, my geography teacher cum 1119 English teacher who opens up my view on flowery & advanced essay writing

Phew ..all in all, seems that most teachers who affected me the most are English speaking teachers!

What about you? Who are the teachers which influenced you most?

Like to hear from you and meanwhile teachers you all are the greatest and you guys rocks as you guys gave us the strong foundation we need to face the real world!

Love you all and hope my dear teachers are all well & healthy!


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