Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What meals can be done within 20minutes without "watching" over it?

Hi folks!

There are times when I am feeling not-too-well, but lunch still need to be served (as I dislikes serving hubby bread as lunch if I could). What meals can be prepared within 20mins.? And these are "unseen" or "unmanned" 20minutes.

This morning I only have 20mins to get myself prepared, prepare lunch, prepare the kids (brush teeth, changed into their uniform, make their breakfast drinks) what I did at the moment in time is to look at my fridge and crack my head!

Voila! Suddenly i remembered my trusty steamer. So what can I prepare in my steamer within 20mins.? Steamer is a great tool especially when you don't have time to stand over the stove cutting and cooking.

So, here's what I have prepared for DH for lunch using the steamer:
  1. hard-boiled egg x 2
  2. pasta topped with mushroom gravy(from packaged)
  3. dumplings x4
  4. Lemongrass drink I made to sooth our cough
Add on: 3 slices of Gardenia Butterscotch bread for breakfast..and pack the above in nice bento lunchbox (presentation would make up for the lack of taste or even you believe it :D..great helper!)

Sorry no I only have 20 minutes at hand to get all things ready!

So time for me to make use of steamer more...and cook up some new recipes with the trusty steamer!

New discovery for me is by putting just enough HOT water to cover the pasta and steam it for 20mins. it'll be well-cooked...pretty next time i could probably prepare my pasta this way when i don't have time to watch it boiling over the stove!


Cheers and have a lovely days ahead folks!

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