Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worth to brush up English

Hi folks!

Do you agree that being proficient in English brings better salary?

Well, my own experience is..even though not certain in salary but having master a language(be it English, Malay, any other foreign language) will certainly brings more opportunities....having an edge over the others in a way.

There was once I checked with the Head of the team over which technical staff he would send to conduct a training. Obviously the selection would be those who knows how to code and know how to talk as well. There you go...opportunities goes to those who are proficient in the language and have confidence in presenting. Opportunities brings to higher salary in many cases...

Not convinced? Read the article here at TheStar Online to check out how is the job market is like for those who are proficient in English.

Now...I do want to master one more about you? There are more good than harm mastering one more language, don't you think?

Cheers and have a fruitful day!

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peah @ peps said...

that is absolutely true...