Monday, July 9, 2012

Parenting lessons

Hi folks!

Last weekend hubby was outstation and I took the kids to my mom's place. And KY who knew that her cousin is going back to her grandparents' place in Malacca and wanted to go along. She kept asking me to asked my sister if it's possible for her to go along. I told her to asked herself, just to check if she dares to do so. And she turned to her good buddy cum cousin Zoey and asked her to check with her mom(my sis) if she could follow along....My sis said perhaps another dad added yeah..another day let's go Malacca together.

This feisty daughter of mine, 10+ days short of turning six is ever so ready to leave her mommy and join in some fun time.

When I thought she has given up. She followed me to my sister's place to send my niece home. She tried again asking her cousin, Zoey to ask her dad is she could come along (never give up spirits). Alas, my brother-in-law said let her follow then!

Phew...I half-heartedly packed her clothing, with my mom advising at my back asking me not to let her join the trip as the weather is hot and the house in Malacca is hot too and let KY spent time swimming over at her the same time handing me a bag to place KY's clothing.

I am feeling apprehensive and wanted to try to dissuade KY from going for the trip but as I went down to the car area, I saw her happily sitting with her two cousins in the car....I was not ready to spoil her fun...

Alas she went and I called her few times on Sat and Sun.

When she came home last night, truely, she was dehydrated(very often when she got excited, she would forget to drink water!! And I can't blame anyone ...and not even my sis who kind heartedly let her follow even though she is taking care of two kids of her own..)

Oh well, I hope she recovers fast and learnt the lessons. So do I. Since she is really too young to decide what's good for her. We as parent should be firm to say No when it's needed? Is that so?

I am on the fence. Really. At one point I want my kids to be accountable and to have freedom to choose. At the other end, I am not ready to face the "music" per say.

Before she collapse into her zzzz, I asked her if she had a good time and she smiled and said yes and doze off...and today she gotta skip one day as temperature is rising slightly. 

Hope she will get well soon and I need to have a talk with her about this incident so that she learnt from it. If she doesn't know how to take care of herself, she will not be allowed or be trusted to go on trip without mommy ever again. FULL stop.

What do you all do if you were in my shoes?

My KY is only 5+ yrs old but she had been overnite once over a holiday camp with other children. On one side I see the independence and strength in her. At the other side I am questioning myself as a mom who make the decision to say Yes or No to her requests...

Learning experiences....

Dear wise and experienced folks out there...will you give me your two cents' worth?

Thanks in advance!



transformed housewife said...

We haven't every let our kids to go on a trip without us or one of us even though our eldest daughter is already 7. But like you said, sometimes we need to give them some freedom and let them learn something from it.

Cindyrina (The Princess) said...

i know how you feel...mix feeling