Saturday, July 7, 2012

A typical breakfast@work

Hi folks! What do you usually have for breakfast during working days? Or do you take any breakfast at all? Break-fast..we are breaking fast after a long night of fasting. Breakfast is a must for matter how simple it is. My typical breakfast would be a cup of oats, a bottle of Vit C(dissolved) and fruits. Do you believe that after having these for 5 days, I don't fancy fried kuee teow/noodles with curry sauce like I used to for weekend body just prefer something light and less oily automatically. Oats are good for those with high cholesterol problem, and with fruits you get all the fibre you need. With such diet, constipation will be a history ;)

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transformed housewife said...

my typical breakfast is a cup of hot milo and some toasts.