Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch Pack of the day: Eggplant Tofu with organic Siew Pak Choy and Tomato and Ramen

Hi folks!

I have been wanting to make this dish once more after a thumbs-up from DH during the previous attempt to cook the dish - Tong Po tofu, which is inspired by one of the Young Chef cartoon which DH used to watched when he was young and show it again to us as he grown up....

It's a rather nice, soothing-to-tummy, and appetite-rising dish may I say.

Today I match it with Japanese Ramen-like noodles plus the lightly stir-fry organic siew pak choy and organic tomato i received FOC for my purchase at BMS Organic last Saturday. (Do you know when you purchase more than MYR50 at BMS, they will free a pkt. of organic vege to you? For small family like mine..1-2 packs of FOC organic vege can last me for at least 3 meals..which is good!)

Back to the dish- Eggplant Tofu with organic Siew Pak Choy and Tomato and Ramen (which I have ate if for breakfast for I simply love warm food and stomach am feeling hungry by the thought of this dish..haha..really!)

Brinjal (cube)
Tofu (cube)
siew pak choy
Seasoning to taste

  1. First I boil the ramen and while it is boiling, i chop all the other ingredient (brinjal, tofu, tomatoes, siew pak choy).
  2. Then, once ramen is cooked, i rinse it with cold water and then lightly toss it with some msg-free homemade soysauce (show you the picture next round ya!), extra virgin olive oil, mixed herbs.
  3. I heat up the wok, add some water, oil and bit of brown sugar, salt and lightly toss in the tomatoes and siew pak choy. Lightly stir-fry and then place it on top of the ramen.
  4. Then i stir-fry the brinjal, add in some 100% chilli sauce, water, organic rock salt and brown sugar.
  5. Next, I add in the tofu cube when the brinjal is almost cooked to perfection(soft and chewy).
  6. Scoop it on and place on top of the ramen.
Estimated time taken: 20-30 mins.

There we have a yummy, comfort meal :) which has orange(tomato), green(siew pak choy), purple(brinjal), white(tofu), yellow(ramen) that reminds me...I should be adding some seaweed for the "black" colour ...will try it next time!

Cheers to hearty and warm meals from home!

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