Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unwelcome advice and comments on bringing up children?

Hi folks!

Just when we think we have gone thru the tough period, fending off unwanted stares, criticism and advice on breast feeding...this is not over...

As our child grows up, there will be still walking "manual" everywhere, trying to "force upon" us how we guide our can be really tiring, frustrating and damaging to ourselves and to the kids when we are not able to hold on to values we believe in. Why we guide the way we did...there must be principles and also belief we hold up to based on our understanding of our children and also based on our own childhood experience...

Recently I faced a certain people who non-stop "chanting" upon me and lecturing on my kids to which it reached a level where I feel I must put my feet in and stop them from being overpowering and controlling out of concern or self-righteous act..this is not even from my in-laws..

Yes, I know I can be called stubborn or hard-headed...but I simply don't believe in beating or letting my child cry for hours without understanding what's making them upset. Letting a pre-schooler who are good at comprehending and reasoning to cry herself out is simply "out of mind". Are we trying to shut them out or must we use such mindless way to teach them not to express their thoughts and feelings? Senseless guide which I don't agree at all..really..

Folks, how do you handle such situation? Ignore? Walk away? Be firm and ask them to respect how we bring up our child..we are not looking for senseless discipline method which will only force our kids to shut up..

I may be wrong for some of you but I like to stand up for what I believe in. Pls. have some respect and love..for the carer and the little ones being cared..


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Cynful Pleasure said...

I can understand how that feel! OMG, I snapped at someone who been trying to tell me about my girl's diet, who don't understand a thing at all about my girl! some rightoues people should sometimes don't be so righteous after all.. :p